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terTUlia - TU Spanish conversation group  
snacks & coffee provided

Spanish Language Events for Extra Credit

Spanish Language Events for Extra Credit

Spanish Language Events for Extra Credit: **** PLEASE ADD EVENTS BELOW, IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER ***** \u000B(most most recent/upcoming first)\u000B(terTUlia has a sign-in; all other events please take a picture and email your instructor)\u000B *Every Wednesday from 2-5 pm What: TerTUlia Where: Newcomb ...

TUdo bem - Portuguese language meet up

BRASA / TU Brazilian Student Association open for registration!

Upcoming Lectures and Events

Sesión informativa sobre el programa de posgrado en el departamento de español y portugués de Tulane University (New Orleans, EEUU).  
Esta sesión está destinada a interesados en solicitar admisión a nuestro programa de maestría y doctorado en literaturas y estudios culturales españoles y latinoamericanos. 
En una charla informal de unos cuarenta minutos cubriré estos puntos:

  • estructura académica del programa
  • campos de especialización 
  • esquema de financiamiento ofrecido 
  • proceso de solicitud 
  • recomendaciones prácticas 

Luego habrá unos 20 minutos para preguntas y respuestas.  
El evento via zoom será en español, pero los asistentes pueden hacer preguntas en inglés y portugués.  
Favor de registrarse en este enlace

Fecha:   viernes 10 de noviembre, 2023 
Hora:     16.00 / 4.00 pm (hora central de EEUU / GMT -5) 

¡Hasta pronto! 

Navio Negreiro trilingual poetry reading 
Sign up to read!!! SEE BELOW

PORTa-voz: PORTulane continues its popular video series!
Tune in weekly to hear from a different community member about their favorite word in Portuguese. Don't forget to share yours in the comments! 

Ana Carolina de Paula of the Poli Sci department and her favorite word: serelepe!


Mestre Cocada, capoeira instructor and TIDES service learning partner, TU

Tate Sheppard, 1st year law student, TU

Ezra Spira-Cohen, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science, TU

Idelber Avelar, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Daniel de los Rios, PhD student in Spanish and Portuguese, TU

Igor Acácio, Post-Doctoral Fellow at Center for Inter-American policy and research, TU

Catie Mae Carey, 3rd year undergraduate and Altman Scholar, 

Pablo Barra, PhD student in Spanish and Portuguese, TU

Sara Pancerella, PhD student in Spanish and Portuguese, TU

Stephanie Holden, alum in Spanish and Portuguese, TU

Ana Guilhermina Soeters, alum in TU Business School and outgoing BRASA student  org president

Mike Bromberg, PhD student in Latin American Studies, TU

Andromeda Yahoudy-Macner, TU undergrad

Guilherme Mariano, Professor at the Universidade Regional do Cariri; Co-Director of the TU-URCA telecollaboration partnership

Sydney Jernigan, TU undergrad

Juliana Taddone, NOLA Brazilian caterer

Ana Maria Caldwell, Executive Director of Bard Early College

Sarah Mellman, PhD student in Anthropology, TU

Claudia B. de Brito, Senior Executive Secretary, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Adrienne Gonzales, TU Assistant Dean for Language Learning

Dan Sharp, Chair of the Dept. of Music, TU

Julie Cornfield, TU undergrad

Glauber Brito Matos Lacerda, TU visiting scholar (Fall 2019)

Carolyn Barber-Pierre, TU Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and the Director of the Center for Intercultural Life

Patrick Urbine, a TU Altman alumnus (May 2021)

Megwen Loveless, Director of the Portuguese Basic Language Program, TU

Christopher Dunn, Chair of the Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, TU

Carolina Nobrega, 1st year undergraduate and heritage speaker, TU

Jessica Glass, PhD student in Latin American Studies, TU

Raleigh Kreis, 1st year undergraduate, TU

Jonathan Gutmann, TU alum and TU Admissions Counselor.

Grant Little, 4th year undergraduate and Altman Scholar, TU

Abby Cramer, TU alum

José Fernando Nascimento Moraes, 4th year undergraduate and BRASA founding member, TU

Professor Edith Wolfe, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Programs at the Stone Center for Latin American Studies, TU

Hannah Palmer, PhD, Program Manager at the Stone Center for Latin American Studies, TU

Carolina Timóteo de Oliveira, PhD student in Latin American Studies, TU

Rachel Stein, PhD, Research and Instructional Librarian at the Latin American Library, TU

Annie Gibson, PhD, Director of Study Abroad at the Center for Global Education, TU

Josh Belew, 1st year undergraduate, TU
Leo Oliveira, Adjunct Professor and Director of the Brazilian Music Ensemble, TU

Julie Gamze, Family Literacy and Workforce Coordinator for the Immigration and Refugee Services arm of Catholic Charities, TU alum

Anjana Turner, J.D. International lawyer and TU alum

Kyle Young, MA student in Latin American Studies, TU

Ana Claudia dos Santos São Bernardo, PhD. Zemurray-Stone Postdoctoral Fellow at the Stone Center for Latin American Studies, TU

In the News

The Power of Language

Recent Lectures and Events


Information Session for Prospective Graduate Students 
Para más información contactar al Prof. Loveless


Workshop: Gamify the Language Classroom - K-12 Educator 
Facebook event: 

Rethinking Early Modern English and Spanish Religious Texts: A conversation with Debora Shuger and Dale Shuger 

Carolina: raça e gênero na favela de Canindé

Tantas vezes Carolina: uma conversa com Sirlene Barbosa & João Pinheiro.

Navio Negreiro by Castro Alves is a classic piece by Brazilian abolitionist Castro Alves describing the middle passage. 

The TU annual Black History Month bilingual poetry reading of Navio Negreiro by Castro Alves virtual for the first time ever! 

Brazil-themed house float. 
We also enjoyed our first BRIGADEIRO KING CAKE and GOIABADA KING CAKE plus plenty of pão de queijo!

Lamonte Aidoo 
“Without a Name and Under the Tongue: Sexual Violence, Brazilian Slavery, and the Archive” 

Andrew S. Curran  
“Before Anthropology: Enlightenment Science and the Category of the Human”  
Book Presentation: “Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely”

James N. Green 
"Exile within Exiles: The Extraordinary Life of Herbert Daniel, Gay Brazilian Revolutionary" 

Amazônia Ocupada Symposium

O Navio Negreiro, The Slave Ship - A Public Poetry Reading

"Divorce Court": a staged reading of Miguel de Cervantes's "El juez de los divorcios" in a new English translation.  


Harley Erdmann, UMass, Amherst 
“Translating the Counter-Canon of Early Modern Spanish Theater: Theatrical Journeys with Luis Vélez de Guevara’s La serrana de la Vera

Sophia McClennen, Penn State University 
* “Globalization and Latin American Cinema: Toward a New Critical Paradigm” 
* “Satire, Politics, and Resistance: The Global Rise of Comedy and Activism”

PORTrait of Brazil - IEW International Education Week 

Luiz Ruffato: “Literatura e Invisibilidade” 

Marti Buckley: What's Basque Got to Do with It: Tradition and Modernity in Hispanic Footways 

Prof. Gisela Heffes, Rice University: "El nuevo paisaje rural argentino: contaminación y ecodeformidades"

Pedro Meira Monteiro, Princeton University: The Internal Ear: Caetano Veloso's take on bossa nova

Marielle Presente e Futuro: An Artistic Tribute to Marielle Franco

Foreign Language Pedagogy and Research: New Approaches to Old Challenges

Poetry Reading: Navio Negreiro "The Slave Ship"

A talk by poet and scholar, Sara Uribe, the "Emily Dickinson of Tamaulipas"

Ana Paulina Lee Mandarin Brazil Chinese Labor, Memory, and Representation

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