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Students are able to study abroad in Germany, as long as they have completed a minimum of four semesters of German. The semester- or year-long IES Berlin program combines required language instruction with a range of general university courses at the Humboldt Universität and courses designed for exchange students. IES can provide laboratory space at the Technische Uni for science students, as well as studio space for art students. It also includes options for internships, which might be used to fulfill Tulane’s public service requirements. Students are housed with residents of Berlin.

To review the offerings for study abroad, please visit the Center for Global Education or search the available options to study in German. For more information on the programs in Berlin or for questions regarding other possibilities for study in Germany, contact the German Department (Newcomb 305, 865-5276) or the Study Abroad Office (6901 Willow St.,, 865-5339).


  1. SRAS Tbilisi: Russian as a Second Language

    In Tbilisi, Georgia, an intensive and supportive environment for Russian language study is paired with home stay to provide you with an immersive language and cultural experience. Out-of-classroom experiences and special lectures and workshops introduce you to local Georgian identity, history, and current issues in contemporary Georgia. Tbilisi is a very affordable option for study abroad, due to the many inclusions in this program and the generally low cost of living.

    Summer RSL in Georgia is held in Batumi.


    All SRAS Russian as a Second Language programs aim to immerse students in the language with a combination of classroom hours, peer tutoring, and other out-of-classroom experiences. RUSS 101-102/201-202/301-302-303/401 Russian Language Study

    Small, intensive classes focus on reading, writing, grammar, speaking, comprehension, and phonetics for 20 contact hours per week. Fall/Spring: 280 hours/16 credits

    Read more on the Tulane Study abroad website

  2. Middlebury: Russia - Study Abroad in Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstan is a state in Central Asia bordering Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. А leader in the fields of economics, innovation, education, and international business in the post-Soviet space, Kazakhstan is in a period of dynamic development while striving to preserve its national flavor, its history, and its rich culture.

    Our program will take place in the capital city of Astana, a new city with extraordinary infrastructure and architecture. Taking inspiration from advanced megacities such as New York, Shanghai, Dubai, Moscow, and Tokyo, the country’s government quickly built a vibrant, convenient, clean, and safe city with a population of over 1 million people. The best architects in the world have been invited to carry out this ambitious project, and it now boasts wide avenues, modern buildings, skyscrapers, and excellent service.

    Read more on the Tulane Study abroad website

  3. Study in Estonia and explore this Baltic nation's diverse landscapes, unique lifestyle, and booming tech scene.

    When you study in Estonia, you’ll get a world-class education in its charming capital and largest city, Tallinn, considered the “Gem of the Baltic.” Here, the country’s thriving tech scene comes to life, and you’ll find entrepreneurs, tech startups, and students from all academic backgrounds flock to experience the local commitment to digital innovation firsthand. During your Estonia study abroad program, you’ll earn credits toward your degree while experiencing the rich history that makes this country special.



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