Rosenthal Blumenfeld Fellowships

Since 2019, the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South awards one or two School of Liberal Arts faculty the Rosenthal Blumenfeld Gulf South Food Studies Fellowship to support a research project focused on Gulf South Food Studies and to design and launch a related course that includes an undergraduate research component and site-based experiential learning via class field trips. Projects can address other geographic regions but must be at least 40% grounded in the U.S. gulf south bioregion spanning Texas to Florida. In 2022, we launched a new fellowship award for graduate students.

Faculty Fellowships

Faculty must commit to offering the new course during the fellowship term and then at least twice more over the next four years. Applicants will be solicited through a request for proposal and/or open competition process. Faculty fellowships include a grant award for $5000. All fellows must submit a 1-3 page final report by May 15 in the fiscal year in which their fellowship takes place.

The fellowship funds are designated for the following:

  • Research funds, to support fellows’ research time and to cover research expenses (transportation, lodging, equipment purchases, etc.)
  • Course development funds, to support fellows’ time to design a new course related to their gulf south food studies research project. The course must include an undergraduate research component that culminates in a research presentation at the end of the semester, and it must be offered by fellow at least twice within three years.
  • Course enhancement funds, to support the new course by covering costs related to site visits, guest speaker honorariums for class and/or the public, and food purchase and preparation.

Graduate Student Fellowships

Graduate student awards are $2500, and revised guidelines for AY24 will be posted by March 15, 2023.

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