Chen Wang

PhD Student
Newcomb 107


MA Philosophy, Texas Tech University (2018-2020)
MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Texas Tech University (2016-2019)
BA Property Management, Beijing Forestry University (2010-2014)


Academic Interests:

  • Existentialism
  • Greek Philosophy
  • Ethics and Metaethics
  • Moral Philosophy and Moral Psychology
  • Psychoanalysis

Non-academic Interests:

  • Literature

Recent Presentations:

  • Why Expressivists Cannot and Should not Use Schroeder’s Strategy to Solve Their Problem with Negation Binghamton SPEL Philosophy Conference, 2019.

(One of) Favorite Quote:

It was as if they had leapt over the arduous cavalry of conjugal life and gone straight to the heart of love. They were together in silence like an old married couple wary of life, beyond the pitfalls of passion, beyond the brutal mockery of hope and the phantoms of disillusion: beyond love. For they had lived together long enough to know that love was always love, anytime and anyplace, but it was more solid the closer it came to death. – Love in the Time of Cholera, Gabriel García Márquez