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Cognitive Studies at Tulane

Coordinate Major

The coordinate major in cognitive studies combines a regular major with a core curriculum in three tracks: formal disciplines, philosophical foundations, and psychology. The program is designed to provide basic knowledge of current research on mind, cognition, and language.

The major consists of ten courses of which six are required and four elective. At least one elective must be in each of the three component tracks. With the director’s consent, work in a different but relevant discipline may be substituted for, at most, one elective course. It is suggested that students interested in philosophy take an introductory course, preferably Philosophy 2030, Minds, Machines, and Experience.

REQUIRED COURSES (six courses, two in each track)

  1. Formal Disciplines Track
    • PHIL 1210 Elementary Symbolic Logic
    • ANTH 3590 Introduction to Syntax
    • ANTH 3420  Semantics:  Linguistic Approaches to Meaning
  2. Philosophical Foundations Track
    • PHIL 3740 Consciousness
    • PHIL 3750 Philosophy of Cognitive Science
    • PHIL 3765 Imagination
    • PHIL 3800 Language and Thought
  3. Psychology Track
    • PSYC 1000, 1010, 1020 Introduction to Psychology and one of the following:
      • PSYC 3670 Brain and Behavior
      • PSYC 6570 Cognitive Neuroscience

ELECTIVES (four courses, a minimum of one in each track)

  1. Formal Disciplines Track
    • NSCI/LING 4110 Brain and Language
    • PHIL 6935 Philosophy of Language
  2. Philosophical Foundations Track
    • PHIL 3870 Mind in Evolution
    • PHIL 6105 Philosophy of Neuroscience
    • PHIL 6170 Philosophy of Perception
    • PHIL 6180 Mental Representations
  3. Psychology Track
    • PSYC 3210 Child Psychology
    • PSYC 3260 Infancy
    • PSYC 3450 Research Methods in Social Cognition

Program Committee:

  • Daniel Burnston, Philosophy, Tulane Brain Institute (Director)
  • Radu Bogdan, Philosophy
  • Jeffrey J. Lockman, Psychology
  • Harry Howard, Linguistics, Spanish

Contact for Advising: