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Thomas Klingler, Linguistics at Tulane University
Program Director, Linguistics
Newcomb 203

The position of Linguistics Program Director rotates among the faculty members affiliated with the Program. The current program Director is Thomas Klingler.

William Craft Brumfield, Linguistics at Tulane University
William Craft Brumfield

Professor, Department of German & Slavic, Jewish Studies, Linguistics

Michael Cunningham, Linguistics at Tulane University
Michael Cunningham

Professor, Psychology, Africana Studies, and Linguistics

Brian Horowitz, Linguistics at Tulane University
Brian Horowitz

Professor, Department of Jewish Studies, Linguistics

Michael Kuczynski, Linguistics at Tulane University
Michael Kuczynski

Professor of English & Linguistics

Judith Maxwell, Linguistics at Tulane University
Judith Maxwell

Louise Rebecca Schawe and Williedell Schawe Professor of Linguistics & Anthropology

Olanikė Ola Orie, Anthropology, Africana Studies, and Linguistics at Tulane University
Ọlanikẹ Ọla Orie
Professor of Anthropology
Molly Anne Rothenberg, Anthropology, Africana Studies, and Linguistics at Tulane University
Molly Anne Rothenberg

Professor of English & Linguistics

Nicholas R. Spitzer, Tulane University
Nicholas R. Spitzer

Professor of American Studies & Linguistics

Richard Velkley, Tulane University
Richard Velkley

Professor of Philosophy & Linguistics

Associate Professors
Harry Howard, Tulane University
Harry Howard

Associate Professor of Spanish & Linguistics

Lisa Molix, Tulane University
Lisa Molix

Associate Professor, Psychology and Linguistics

Kevin Morris, Tulane University
Kevin Morris

Associate Professor of Philosophy & Linguistics

Assistant Professors
Nathalie Dajko, Tulane University
Nathalie Dajko

Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Linguistics

Marc Zender, Tulane University
Marc Zender

Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Linguistics

Professors of Practice
Amy George-Hirons, Tulane University
Amy George-Hirons

Senior Professor of Practice of Spanish & Portuguese, Linguistics

Charles A. Mignot, Tulane University
Charles A. Mignot

Senior Professor of Practice in French & Linguistics