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Monroe Fellows Research Grant

The Monroe Fellowship program aims to promote research on the Gulf South. Scholars, writers, and creative artists whose projects focus on or take place within the bioregion stretching from Texas to Florida may apply. Each award runs for twelve months and can be for as much as $10,000. Grant funds must be used to support research activities, including (but not limited to) travel to collections and sites, purchase of essential materials or equipment for research, hiring research assistant(s), and hiring translators to translate primary documents. Grant funds may not be used for honorariums for the applicant(s); translation of completed articles or manuscripts; or conference, presentation or other outreach expenses. Typically three or four of these grants are awarded every semester. The deadline has been extended and is now March 31, 2021.

Grants will be awarded on the merit of the proposed research and its potential to result in new understandings. Applicants that evince an understanding of how their project might shift widely-held narratives about this region and enrich classroom offerings will receive special consideration.

Awardees are required to do the following:

  • Submit a web-ready summary of the project including pictures and a short personal bio along with signing of the grant agreement.
  • Present their research findings in a seminar or afternoon talk toward the end of the grant period.
  • Submit a 5-7-page essay written for general audiences, for inclusion in the forthcoming journal Call and Response: A Journal of the Gulf South.
  • Submit a final report that includes an accounting of expenses and an updated web-ready summary of the project, including pictures and a short personal bio.

Monroe Fellows should expect to be called on from time to time to serve on the selection committee that award grants to future applicants.

Monroe Fellows Research Grant proposals should include the following:

  • Project summary that includes the funding request, max $10,000 (500-word limit)
  • Project narrative of no more than five double-spaced pages.
  • **NEW QUESTION: How might COVID-19 impact your research project? Share preliminary thoughts on how you might consider adapting your project if COVID-19 continues to limit your access to people, places, and archives. (500-word limit)
  • Detailed budget that includes all project expenses and delineates which expenses will be covered by the requested funds.
  • Up-to-date CV.
  • Work sample, such as pertinent or previous scholarly article, essay, film, audio, or images. All film and audio project proposals must be accompanied by an online video and/or audio work sample. If film and audio work sample products exceed 10 minutes, send a link and note time code start and end of a 10-minute excerpt.

Proposals must be submitted as one compiled pdf to

Applicants cannot apply to both the Monroe and the Global South Research Grants.

For more information, please contact Regina Cairns at