Africana Studies High School Mentorship Program

As part of the Africana Studies Program’s Black Studies Book Club (BSBC), the High School Mentorship Program is an opportunity for Tulane undergraduate students to build their interpersonal, leadership, and mentoring skills while also engaging their younger peers and local community. In addition to their participation in the Black Studies Book Club, participants in the program will mentor students from New Orleans Math and Science Charter High School (Sci High), giving both mentor and mentee a space to further engage the book club texts, to discuss college prep and life, and to build lasting relationships and community.


Africana Studies High School Mentorship Program Applications will open again in early fall 2024 for the 2024-25 cohort.

To apply for a position within the High school Mentorship Program, please submit an application via WaveSync. Please view the timeline on the application and should be brief, and only take between 30 minutes to an hour. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the application, please reach out to Cory-Alice Andre-Johnson (


  • Candidates must be a current undergraduate Tulane student. First-year students are not eligible to apply.
  • Good academic & conduct standing prior to and throughout the duration of the position (a minimum of a 2.50 cumulative GPA is required)
  • Strong desire to work with high school and Tulane students, faculty, and staff
  • Excellent communication skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to recognize, motivate, and supervise peers
  • An understanding of and appreciation for students from all backgrounds and social identities
  • Ability to commit appropriate time to attending mentor sessions, to attending BSBC events with mentees, and to preparing materials and activities for mentees.


  • Students who are studying abroad for Summer 2022 are eligible to apply if the study abroad program does not interfere with the required dates below.
  • Students who are studying abroad are eligible to apply, but will only be selected for the semester they are physically present for.
  • First-year students are not eligible to apply for the Highschool Mentorship Program. However, First-year students are encouraged to sign up and participate in the Black Studies Book Club by contacting Cory-Alice André-Johnson,

This program aims to match Tulane Africana Studies majors and minors with high school students from the Africana Studies Club at the New Orleans Math and Science Charter High School. As mentors, you will build lasting relationships with mentees, help them to grow their appreciation for Africana Studies, and share with them your experience as a college student. This will happen both at Black Studies Book Club events and over the course of four sessions at Sci High during the African History Club meetings on Tuesdays from 3:15-5:15. During these sessions, you will be asked to prepare materials, activities, and discussions around particular themes related to your experiences as college students. Throughout the program, mentors will work in pairs and mentor the same group of 4-6 Sci High students. 

Students with class or work conflicts during mentoring sessions or BSBC events are still welcome to apply for the mentorship program, but they will be expected to make arrangements to miss, reschedule, or otherwise arrange to make up those obligations so that they can attend those mentoring activities. Dr. André-Johnson and/or Dr. Bagneris will be happy to provide a letter or write an email to your professor or work with your supervisor asking for this accommodation.  Mentors who consistently miss program activities as outlined here will have their stipends reduced or cancelled.

As a Mentor, you will be asked to:

  • Attend 4 Sci High mentoring sessions on Tuesdays from 3:15-5:15 (specific dates TBA)
  • Attend the Black Studies Book Club meetings with your mentees (usually a Thursday lecture at 6 pm and a Friday discussion at 11:30 am)
  • Attend an orientation session at the beginning of the fall semester
  • Attend an end of the year party at the end of the spring semester
  • Attend at least one of the program group outings organized twice an academic year (one each semester).
  • Work in collaboration with other mentors to prepare materials for mentoring sessions at Sci High


$1000 for the full 22-23 academic year, $500 per semester (Fall & Spring) Total 22-23 stipend paid in 4 installments of $250 (Dates to Be Announced). Stipends will be received via direct deposit. Students will need to complete all payroll forms and submit necessary ID documentation if they are not already in the payroll system. NOTE: The stipend will be taxed according to regular Student Payroll policies. Exact dates will be determined in accordance with the payroll calendar in 2022-23. Stipends are contingent of fulfilling the High School Mentorship Program responsibilities, duties and tasks.

Thank you for your interest in the Africana Studies Program High School Mentorships. We look forward to reviewing your application!

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