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French Graduate Courses

Fall 2020 French Courses


Translation Theory and Practice is a seminar and practicum course designed for undergraduate and graduate students who already have a good command of French, but need to refine their writing skills and perform at an advanced level. The course will provide the students with numerous and diverse opportunities to achieve this goal, through an approach combining the methodology and practice of the art of translation – from the sentence to the discourse level and from basic translation units to complex textual structures.

Instructor: Sojic, Annette M.

TR 02:00PM - 03:15PM Tilton Memorial Hall 301

FREN 6750-01: The Avant-Garde

The history and theory of the avant-garde, from the movements of the early 20th century to today. We will explore the art, performances, poetics and manifestos of the so-called "historic" avant-gardes of a century ago, including the well-known antics of Dada (Zurich and Paris), Surrealist practices based first in Paris and eventually all over the world, Italian Futurism, visual arts and cinema (Cubism, etc.) and the London-based groups of writers working in Imagism and Vorticism.

Instructor: Sabo, Oana A.

W 03:00PM - 05:30PM Newcomb Hall 405


What is Nature? What nature, and what science, make it to the stage? What roles does the stage in turn offer to the various actors of nature, not only human actors? This course explores historical stagings of nature and natural history, human and biodiversity, considering the stage not only as a place for timeless reflection on nature, but also as a timely, opinion-shaping arena, and performance as a site for creation and experimentation with bodies.

Students will learn to think about the cultural history of performance, and the natural history of diversity and bio-diversity that accompanied it, and engage in current debates around the performativity of race and gender.

Instructor: McCarren, Felicia.

TR 12:30PM - 01:45PM Joseph Merrick Jones Memorial 108

FREN 6820-02: Gender, Commerce and Power

Instructor: Ramazani, Vaheed.

T 03:30PM - 05:55PM Online Course

FREN 6910-0: Independent Study FREN Ling

Independent Study

FREN 6920-0: Independent Study FREN Lit

Independent Study

FREN 7370-01: 16th-Century Studies

Instructor: TBD.

R 03:30PM - 05:55PM Howard-Tilton Memorial Library B15

FREN 9980-01: Master's Research


FREN 9990-01: Dissertation Research