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Major and Minor

Entering freshmen are placed at the appropriate level by assessment of their high school records. Successful completion of Italian 203 or H203, placement above the 200 level, or a score of 640 or better on the College Board examination fulfills the language requirement for graduation.


A major in Italian consists of nine courses beyond Intermediate Italian 203 and introduces students to Italian literature, culture and thought. The student is required to take the following courses: 300, 313, 325; four courses devoted to literature on the 400 or 600 level; and two electives. The junior year and semester abroad programs are integral to the major in Italian and are also encouraged for non-majors.


A minor in Italian consists of six courses above 203, including 300, 313, and 325.

If you are seeking transfer credit for Italian, contact Professor Carroll. Please present to her the following information: the name of the institution where you will be studying; the title and number of the course; the syllabus for the course including number of class hours, the name of the book and the chapters or pages covered. Please note that courses at the first- and second-year level with a purely conversational basis are not likely to be granted transfer credit. If you are taking a beginning course and have already completed the language requirement in another language, elective credit may be given for a course with fewer than four credit hours. Please note that ITAL 325 is a history of Italian culture from Roman times to the present day; culture courses at other institutions must cover similar material to be accepted for transfer (no food culture courses, etc.)