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Edwige Tamalet Talbayev
Associate Professor of French
Newcomb 311K


Ph.D., University of California, San Diego


Edwige Tamalet Talbayev’s work focuses on the intersection of modernity, postcoloniality, and transnationalism in the Maghreb and the Mediterranean contact zone. Her first book, The Transcontinental Maghreb: Francophone Literature across the Mediterranean, will be published by Fordham University Press in spring 2017. It examines Francophone literature in relation to the transnational, comparative context of Mediterranean Studies.

Her co-edited special issue, The Mediterranean Maghreb: Literature and Plurilingualism (Expressions Maghrébines 11.2: winter 2012; with Claudia Esposito and Hakim Abderrezak), explores the corpus of plurilingual literature produced by the Maghrebi diaspora in Mediterranean languages other than French and Arabic. Through a detour via Spanish, Catalan, and Italian, the volume excavates new idioms born of hybrid, translocal paradigms in an effort to reframe Maghrebi literature in light of globalization. With Christopher L. Miller, she organized the International Conference “Beyond French: New Languages for African Diasporic Literature” at Yale in March 2013, which extended the reflection on plurilingualism to literary and cinematic production from the African continent in its entirety.

With Yasser Elhariry, she is currently at work on a peer-reviewed edited volume, Critically Mediterranean: Aesthetics, Theory, Hermeneutics, Culture, which probes the critical relevance of the Mediterranean as a theoretical entity and an aesthetic, hermeneutic, and theoretical category for the interpretation of culture in the modern era.

Talbayev is Editor of the international peer-reviewed journal Expressions maghrébines. She also serves on the editorial boards of several other journals, including Yale French Studies (2009-2013), Culture and Dialogue, and American Journal of Mediterranean Studies. She is a member of the Morocco Group at Tulane and a Newcomb College Institute Fellow. Prior to coming to Tulane, Talbayev was Assistant Professor of French at Yale University and an affiliate of the Council on Middle Eastern Studies and the Council on African Studies at the MacMillan Center at Yale. In June 2014, she was professeur invitée at the University of Tunis.

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