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Recent Honors and Awards

  • Ronna Burger has been invited to be a Keynote Speaker for the International Plato Society annual meeting, which will be devoted this year to the Sophist
  • A collection of essays in honor of Ronna Burger, Nature, Law, and the Sacred, ed. Evanthia Speliotis, was published by Mercer University Press in 2020.
  • Chad Van Schoelandt, Kevin Morris, and Sabrina Leeds received a Center for Public Service Grant for Community research for their ongoing work at Project Lazarus, where Sabrina has been teaching philosophy courses to Lazarus residents since Fall 2018.
  • Oliver Sensen was elected to be Vice President of the North American Kant Society for 2017-2020. He also received a 2017 Faculty Networking Grant from Tulane. He also was named a partner investigator in a $246,000 research project funded by the Australian Research Council, titled: 'Conferring dignity in law and health care,' hosted at Monash University.
  • Richard Velkley was elected President of the Metaphysical Society of America for 2017-2018.
  • David Shoemaker was awarded a grant for Summer and Fall 2016 in the Philosophy and Science of Self-Control Project at Florida State University, funded by the John Templeton Foundation. The title of his project is "Empathetic Self-Control". He was also recently appointed as an Associate Editor at Ethics.
  • Kevin Morris received a Classroom Enhancement Grant for Fall 2017 for Donovan Wishon (University of Mississippi) to lead a discussion of Russell on introspection with his Analytic Philosophy course.
  • Dan Burnston was elected to the Tulane Brain Institute.