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Chair's Welcome

Michelle Adams

As Chair of the Department of Sociology at Tulane, I am pleased to welcome you to our website and to thank you for your virtual visit. I hope that you will also visit us in person at our suite of offices on the second floor of historic Newcomb Hall.  We have an excellent undergraduate program, designed to prepare our students to understand and analyze how events and individuals shape and are shaped by social forces. As you browse the pages of this website, you will see that we have a dedicated and energetic faculty, devoted to social inquiry and to our students. We are committed to providing an outstanding education to students and to helping them become lifelong learners and thinkers.

The members of our faculty are widely recognized as experts in family and childhood issues, gender and sexualities, culture, social movements, political sociology, urban studies, criminology and deviance, Latin America, sociology of religion, and sociology of education. Our location in New Orleans gives us unique opportunities to make use of our areas of expertise, and to share with our students.

We offer both an undergraduate major and a minor in Sociology. In addition, we are currently working on developing an interdisciplinary graduate program.

Please feel free to contact us if we can provide more information about our department, its activities, or how the department may be related to your interests.


Michelle Adams

Michele Adams, Chair