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FALL 2019

COLLOQUIUM Ruha Benjamin
Princeton University
SEPT 6 1:00–2:30
WORKSHOP Robin Wagner-Pacifici
New School of Social Research
OCT 4 1:00–2:30
WORKSHOP David Gibson
Notre Dame
OCT 25 10:30–12:00
Notre Dame
NOV 1 1:00–2:30


COLLOQUIUM Javier Auyero
Universtiy of Texas, Austin
JAN 24 3:30–5:00
WORKSHOP Javier Auyero
Universtiy of Texas, Austin
JAN 25 12:30–2:00
WORKSHOP Angel Parham
Loyola University
JAN 25 3:00–4:30
COLLOQUIUM Kimberly Hoang
University of Chicago
FEB 8 12:00–1:30
WORKSHOP Claudio Benzecry
Northwestern University
FEB 22 3:00–4:30
WORKSHOP Japonica Brown–Saracino
Boston University
MARCH 25 3:00–4:30
COLLOQUIUM Stefan Timmermans
WORKSHOP Owen Whooley
University of New Mexico
APRIL 12 3:00–4:30
COLLOQUIUM Debbie Becher
Barnard College

Sociology Fall 2018 Culture Workshops

Sociology Fall 2018 Colloquium Series



Spring 2017 Tulane Culture Workshop Series
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Sociology Colloquium Series Fall 2016

October 28 (Friday) at 3:30 PM - Newcomb Hall 202
Speaker: Kathleen Fitzgerald, Visiting Associate Professor, Tulane University
Title: "Race and Genetic Ancestry Testing: Identifying Slivers of Whiteness"



April 9 (Thu) 6:00-7:30pm Cudd Hall
Speaker: Tom Dietz (Professor of Sociology and Environmental Science and Policy, Michigan State University)
Title: "Beyond Sustainability: Human Well-Being and the Environment"

Sociology Colloquium/Brown Bag Series Spring 2015

April 10 (Fri) 3:00-4:30pm Stone Auditorium
Speaker: Tom Dietz
Title: "Research and Education for Advancing Knowledge and Informing Decisions"

March 18 (Wed) 1:00-1:50pm Newcomb Hall 316-A
Speaker: Laura McKinney
Title: "Ecological Losses are Harming Women: A Structural Analysis of Female HIV Prevalence and Life Expectancy in Less Developed Countries."

February 25 (Wed) 1:00-1:50pm Location Newcomb Hall 15
Speaker: Michele Adams and Patrick Rafail
Title: "Men's Rights and the Mobilization of Privileged People's Movements: The Articulation of Grievances in an Online Community."

January 21 (Wed) 1:00-1:50pm Newcomb Hall 316-A
Speaker: Raymond Murphy (Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa, Canada)
Title: "Catastrophism in Louisiana: Emancipatory or Sclerotic?"

Sociology Colloquium/Brown Bag Series Fall 2014

September 17 (Wed) 1:00-1:50pm Newcomb Hall 25
Speaker: Stephen Ostertag
Title: "Journalism as Deep Culture: An Ontological Framework"

October 15 (Wed) 1:00-1:50pm Room: Newcomb Hall 25
Speaker: David Smilde
Title: "A NeoWeberian Political Sociology of the Venezuela Conflict"

November 12 (Wed) 1:00-1:50pm Room: Newcomb Hall 25
Speaker: Katherine Johnson
Title: "Maternity as a Situated Accomplishment: Conceptualizing Motherhood through Contested Situations"

November 19 (Wed) 2:30-3:30pm Room: Stibbs Room (LBC 203)
Speaker: Dan Barnett, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Examining Public Health Workers' Perceptions of Organizational Expectations Following Disasters


Sociology Colloquium 2013-2014

August 30 (Fri) 3:00-4:00pm LBC 202 (Rechler Room)
Speakers: Clare Cannon and Laura McKinney
"Natural Disasters and the Spatial Distribution of Waste."

Please note: October 18 (Fri) talk has been postponed

January 31 (Fri) 3:00-4:30pm LBC 201 (Race Room)
Speaker: Paul Draus (University of Michigan, Dearborn)
"A Swiftly Shifting City: Landscape and Social Change in Detroit"
(Note: Reception to follow the talk)

March 28 (Fri) 3:00-4:00pm LBC 201 (Race Room)
Speaker: Carl L. Bankston, III
" Immigrant Networks & Social Capital: Overview of a New Book"

Please note: April 25 (Fri) talk has been canceled


David A. Snow (University of California, Irvine)

February 21, 2013 (Thu) 6:00-7:30pm (Reception at 5:30pm) LBC 212 (Qatar Ballroom)
"Living on the Streets in Four Global Cities: A Comparative Study of Homelessness in Los Angeles, Paris, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo." [This event is open to public.]

February 22 (Fri) 3:30-5:00pm LBC 201 (Race Room)
"Social Movements, Framing Processes, and Cultural Revitalization and Fabrication."

Sociology Colloquium 2012-2013

September 14 (Fri) 2:00-3:00pm LBC 201 --> Please note the time
Speaker: Katie Acosta
"Getting to know Las Chulas: Collective Identities and Layers of Belonging"

October 5 (Fri) 3:00-4:00pm LBC201
Speaker: Jennifer Merluzzi (Freeman School of Business)
"The fallacy of focus: Variance in bonus compensation in starting offers for MBAs focused on finance, investment banking, and marketing"

November 2 (Fri) 3:00-4:00pm Newcomb Hall 314
Speaker: Cate Irvin
"Transforming places through food: Effects of in-migration of young adults in legacy city regions"

November 30 (Fri) - Cancelled

February 1 (Fri) 3:00-4:00pm LBC 201
Speaker: Laura McKinney
"Global and Local Sustainability"

March 1 (Fri) 3:00-4:00pm LBC 201
Speaker: Mimi Schippers
"Toward a Theory of Polyqueer Sexualities: Masculinity, Femininity, and the Queer Potential of Open and Polyamorous Relationships"

March 22 (Fri) 3:00-4:00pm LBC 201
Speaker: Pat Rafail
"Making a Movement? Patterns of Tea Party Coverage on Cable News, 2009-2012"

April 19 (Fri) 3:30-4:30pm Newcomb Hall 314* --> Please note the room change
Speaker: Katie Johnson
"Claiming Motherhood: Articulating Maternity in Third-Party Reproduction"