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Amalia Leguizamón Assistant Professor Department of Sociology Tulane University

Amalia Leguizamón

Associate Professor
220D Newcomb Hall


Ph.D. The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, 2014


I am a sociologist interested in the political economy of the environment in Latin America. I am curious about the power dynamics that fuel development projects in the region and their uneven impact on society and the environment. I thus pay attention to those corporate and state actors who promote these natural resource extraction projects, the technologies they implement, and the socio-environmental movements that have emerged to contest them.

Current Research Projects

My current book project, Seeds of Power: Environmental Injustice and Genetically Modified Soybeans in Argentina, tells the story of Argentina’s swift agrarian transformation based on the early adoption and intensive implementation of genetically modified (GM) herbicide-resistant soybeans. The expansion of GM soy has brought economic growth but also tremendous harm to society and the environment: food insecurity, health hazards due to agrochemical exposure, deforestation, and the violent displacement of peasant and indigenous peoples.

Why haven’t rural communities in Argentina mobilized to halt the pace of GM soy extractivism? Why, in the face of environmental injustice, where the literature and common sense would lead us to expect it, do people not resist? To answer these questions, I look at the interplay of culture and the political economy following the historic threads of core values and beliefs of national identity. I reveal their long-lasting impact over Argentines’ perceptions of nature, rural life, agricultural production, and Argentina’s role in the global economy. I pay special attention to the gendered and racialized dimensions of the structure of the political economy to create injustice, acquiescence, and consent.

Research Interests

Environmental Sociology, Development Sociology, Political Economy, Social Movements, Agrarian and Food Studies, Latin America

Selected Publications

Leguizamón, Amalia. 2019. “The Gendered Dimensions of Resource Extractivism in Argentina’s Soy Boom.” Latin American Perspectives 46 (2): 199–216.

Leguizamón, Amalia. 2016. “Disappearing Nature? Agribusiness, Biotechnology, and Distance in Argentine Soybean Production.” Journal of Peasant Studies 43 (2): 313–330.

Leguizamón, Amalia. 2016. “Environmental Injustice in Argentina: Struggles Against Genetically Modified Soy.” Journal of Agrarian Change 16 (4): 684–692.

Leguizamón, Amalia. 2014. “Modifying Argentina: GM Soy and Socio-Environmental Change.” Geoforum 53: 149–160.