ENS Exchange

The graduate program in French Studies maintains an exchange with the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. The exchange is open to advanced PhD students in French Studies, with preference given to those who have achieved ABD status. Each year, interested students will be asked to submit an application, which is to include an indication of their status in the program (e.g., course work for the PhD completed, qualifying examinations completed, language requirement satisfied, dissertation prospectus defended, etc.), a statement of purpose outlining the student’s proposed research plan for the year and explaining how participation in the ENS exchange would be beneficial to his or her professional development, and a timeline for completion of the PhD. Candidates will be selected based on the application materials submitted, their overall academic performance in the program, their performance as Teaching or Research Assistants, their participation in departmental events such as lectures and symposia, and other relevant criteria.

The university also maintains an exchange program with the Free University of Berlin. The exchange is open to advanced graduate students in all disciplines.