Recently Defended Dissertations


Sophie Capmartin (Executive Director of Academics, Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans)
Dissonant Sauvages: Representations of Louisiana Indians in French Cultural Productions of the First 18th Century (1683-1753)
Director: Prof. Fayçal Falaky

Ryan Joyce (Lecturer at Ohio State University)
Maroon Utopias, Queer Utopias: Flights to Freedom in Circum-Caribbean Writing
Director: Prof. Jean-Godefroy Bidima


Emily Hathaway
The Pursuit of Pleasure: Representations of Quadroons in Louisiana Literature of Americanization
Director: Prof. Felicia McCarren

Nicole Horne
Disorienting Francophone Literature: Iranian Migrant Writing and Maghrebi Literature in French
Director: Prof. Edwige Tamalet Talbayev


Leslie Anderson (Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Central Arkansas)
Erotic Tresses: Hair and Power in Medieval French Narrative.
Director: Prof. Elizabeth Poe

Heather Frost (French Teacher & Sophomore Class Dean at Santa Catalina School)
Radyo an Kreyol: Decolonial Projects on Haitian Radio.
Director: Prof. Tom Klingler

Erika Mandarino (Assistant Editor at Brill Publishers)
The Interplanetary Voyage of the French Enlightenment.
Directors: Fayçal Falaky


Tamara Bentley Caudill (Assistant Professor at Jacksonville University)
Issi avint cum dit vus ai: The Old French Narrative Lay in Context.
Director: Prof. Elizabeth Poe

Annie Doucet (Assistant Professor at University of Arkansas)
The Language of the Heart in Troubadour Poetry
Director: Prof. Elizabeth Poe

Carole Trévise (Lecturer at Princeton University)
De L’anthropologie À La Littérature : Le Schème Sacrificiel Dans L’oeuvre Romanesque De Bazalc Et Barbey D’aurevilly
Directors: Prof. Jean-Godefroy Bidima and Prof. Pierre Glaudes (Paris-Sorbonne)


Alison Chanslor (French Teacher at Isidore Newman School)
Gastro-media: Media and French Gastronomy
Director: Prof. Felicia Mccarren


Elsa Stéphan (Lecturer at Columbia University)
Techno-Utopias: Utopian and Virtual Spaces in the Literature of the Machine Age
Director: Prof. Jean-Godefroy Bidima

Nathan Rabalais (Joseph P. Montiel Endowed Professor of Francophone Studies at University of Louisiana Lafayette)
Contes Rendus: Sources and Development of Louisiana’s French and Creole Oral Tradition
Director: Prof. Elizabeth Poe