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  • Paris / EDUCO:

    Pictures of Paris Attractions and French Classroom

    The romance of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower… Busy café terraces, vibrant street markets, historic museums, elegant parks… Art, fashion, gastronomy and intellectualism… Who can say no to Paris? Tulane, along with its partners in the EDUCO consortium – Emory, Duke and Cornell – coordinates with Parisian universities to provide an immersive study abroad experience for one or two-term JYA students in one of the world’s great metropolises. Students take a combination of French-language courses at the EDUCO study center and courses at Parisian universities, including the prestigious Sciences-Po. Each semester, EDUCO offers a rich array of excursions and activities to places such as the Loire Valley, Burgundy and Reims. EDUCO also organizes cultural activities within Paris, such as trips to the theater, museums, boat and walking tours, and many optional activities, such as cooking classes and wine and cheese tastings. Students can either live in French households or in student housing.

    For more information on the Paris/EDUCO program, visit the program page on the Office of Study Abroad website.

    Rabat / IES:

    Rabat / IES:

    From the narrow streets of the ancient medina to the modern Ville Nouvelle, Rabat is a unique combination of old and new. Its historical blend and its proximity to ancient ruins, beaches, and mountains make this cosmopolitan city a fascinating place to live and study.

    The capital of the kingdom of Morocco, Rabat is home to numerous NGOs, international organizations, and Morocco’s leading university, Université Mohammed V, and boasts a cosmopolitan mix of European modernism and North African and Islamic tradition.

    With courses taught in French, Arabic, or English, the IES Rabat program has a little bit for everyone. Students take Colloquial Moroccan Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic and three or four more classes from a broad curriculum of IES Abroad Courses taught in French or English. Advanced students have the option of choosing courses taught in French or Arabic at the Université Mohammed V - Agdal. Field trips to other destinations in North Africa and Spain complement the course materials. Students live with a local family in the Medina and experience Moroccan culture, traditions and cuisine, or they share a room with a Moroccan or international student in a Moroccan residence hall.

    For more information on the Rabat/IES program, visit the program page on the Office of Study Abroad website.



    Nestled in the Rhône-Alps region of southeastern France, Lyon is the country’s second-largest city. Located close to Switzerland and Italy, with a population of over one million, Lyon is a bustling European center for culture, research and trade with deep historical roots and rich offerings in art, music, theater and dance. It boasts charming historic neighborhoods, beautiful parks and renowned cuisine that makes it France’s gastronomical capital.

    After orientation and an intensive language course, Tulane students enroll directly at the Université de Lyon I (sciences) or II (liberal arts) and take courses there alongside local students. They also take one or two advanced French language courses. Tulane students generally live in student residences, private apartments or do homestays.

    For more information on the LYON II program, visit the program page on the Office of Study Abroad website.

    Dakar / CIEE:

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    Live and study in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, a French-speaking West African country generally considered one of the most developed and democratic nations in the region. Senegal has a population of nearly 12 million, with two and a half million living in Dakar, the political and economic center and one of West Africa’s most vibrant cities. Although French is the country’s official language and Wolof the predominant language, other languages are spoken by the country’s multiethnic population, which is more than 90% Muslim.

    French majors wishing to study in Dakar can choose between two different programs, Development Studies or Language and Culture, which allow them to explore Senegalese society up close, study French and Wolof and gain an unparalleled insight into the issues of development and globalization facing West Africa. All students engage in true cultural immersion by living with Senegalese families.

    For more information on CIEE Dakar: Development Studies:

    CIEE Dakar: Language and Culture:

    Summer Program in Paris:

    Students on the Tulane Summer Program in Paris

    Only a few cities in the world thrill visitors with such a beguiling multiplicity of personalities: There is the devout Paris of Notre Dame, the historic Paris of the many national monuments like the Dôme des Invalides, the Conciergerie or the Arc de Triomphe, the sophisticated Paris radiating from the vaulted galleries of the Louvre, the gilded Opera Garnier, or the neoclassical structure of the Panthéon, the indulgent Paris of the city’s many good restaurants and cafés, and then there is, of course, the bohemian Paris that so many associate with the art galleries and cabarets of Montmartre. Paris has many aspects and can, as David Downie—an American non-fiction writer living in Paris—once stated, only be spoken of in the plural.

    While being in Paris over the summer, a rich variety of courses from various departments address the many facets of this cosmopolitan city. Throughout the four weeks, Tulane professors make Paris their classroom and allow students to explore and study the many aspects of Paris in classroom discussions and on periodic field trips, including informative strolls through the city, guided tours at various museums, and visits to national monuments. In addition, the program includes a four-day field trip to Normandy during which students visit sites of cultural and historical importance. While in Paris, students are housed at the FIAP Jean Monnet, a dormitory styled housing facility in the 14th arrondissement, which is easily accessible via metro, bus, or RER. Program costs cover tuition for two courses three credit hours each, program-related excursions, housing, and transportation within and around Paris.

    For more information, contact Prof. Reuber:

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