Michael Cohen, Chair, Jewish Studies Department

Chair's Message

Our vision for Tulane's Department of Jewish Studies will build upon the strengths of the university and create a world-class hub of Jewish learning.

We are already nationally recognized, standing well above our peers in many key metrics. But we are striving for even greater heights. The cornerstone of our strategy to move to an elite level is the Stuart and Suzanne Grant Center for the American Jewish Experience, through which we will become the academic leader for the innovative and holistic study of American Jewry. Creating new intellectual connections, the Grant Center will transform the field by practicing across disciplinary and subfield boundaries, emphasizing the global orientation of the American Jewish experience.

We will build a world class faculty and implement a dynamic and innovative slate of programming, pioneering new areas of inquiry in the study of American Jewry. Taken together, this will position Tulane as a hub of excellence and the global leader in the study of the American Jewish experience.

Sarah Cramsey with students at WWII museum

Our Impact

Tulane Jewish Studies is nationally recognized for its vitality and vibrancy. In an era where enrollments across the nation are declining, our department stands well above peers. A remarkable one out of every four 2018 graduates enrolled in a Jewish Studies course during their time at Tulane. Moreover, over 750 students enrolled in Jewish Studies and Hebrew courses in the 2017-18 academic year, many of whom also studied abroad in Israel and across the globe. Our impact extends beyond Tulane, as our majors and minors excel in medicine, law, aviation, technology, business, and other competitive fields.