With your help, we can transform the field of American Jewish Studies. The cornerstone of our strategy is the Grant Center for the American Jewish Experience, through which we will become the academic leader in the study of American Jewry. The Grant Center is already becoming a hub of Jewish learning, with a world-class faculty and dynamic programming. Our ambitious plans include the following:

Conferences will create new intellectual connections, uniting scholars from around the world, breaking down disciplinary and subfield boundaries. Sessions will emphasize both the domestic particularity and global orientation of the American Jewish experience.

Working groups will explore anti-Semitism, Jewish identity, and other pressing topics, including the timeliest issues facing American Jewry today. We aspire to be nimble, addressing important topics, like pandemic response, in real time.

Academic Seminars will bring the world’s elite scholars to New Orleans, where they’ll share cutting-edge research with the Tulane community.

Faculty Research Support will enable Tulane’s scholars to expand their research, increasing the international visibility of the Grant Center.

A fund for Lectures, Roundtables, and Films will bring internationally renowned speakers to the Grant Center. Artists. Scholars. Public intellectuals. Communal leaders. Our participants will contribute to a robust conversation about Jewish culture, history, and ideas, to which the entire Tulane community is invited.

Student and faculty research funding will support faculty researchers, increasing international visibility for the program while teaching students the art and practice of research.

Opportunities to support the Department of Jewish Studies include endowed chairs to build a world class faculty, as well as high impact programmatic opportunities that will reshape our understanding of the American Jewish Experience.

For more information, contact Laurel Walker, Senior Director Of Development at Tulane University