Marilyn Miller, Department of Jewish Studies Tulane University

Marilyn Miller

Professor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies. Sizeler Professorship


Professor Miller's research interests include the discourses of slavery and race, popular culture with a special focus on music and visual culture, inter-American studies and Latin American studies from a comparative perspective. She is the author of Rise and Fall of the Cosmic Race: The Cult of Mestizaje in Latin America (University of Texas Press, 2004) and the editor of Tango Lessons: Movement, Sound, Image, and Text in Contemporary Practice (Duke University Press, 2014). She has also published widely on Cuban culture and literature, including several essays on the 19th century poet Juan Francisco Manzano and the relationship between poetry and emancipation more broadly. Her current project examines Cuban-Argentine cultural collaborations before and after Che Guevara, for which she received a 2016-2017 Fulbright Fellowship.


Latin American Jewry

Marilyn G. Miller links the Jewish Studies Department to Tulane’s internationally acclaimed Latin American Studies program. Her courses are concerned with the fundamental role of Jewish individuals and collectives in Latin American literary and cultural production from the colonial period to the present. Topics include aspects of Jewish immigration to and between the Americas and the relationship between national and international conflicts and Jewish displacement Professor Miller’s courses challenge and enhance students' understanding of a region that boasts the sixth largest Jewish population in the world (Buenos Aires) as well as a rich and diverse diaspora that stretches from the Caribbean, to Mexico, Central and South America.