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EVST Spotlight


Course in the Spotlight: Urban Gardening

The Tulane Environmental Studies program in conjunction with the Center for Public Service introduced the course in Urban Gardening in the Spring Term of 2018. Growing out of the understanding of the pioneering environmentalist Aldo Leopold that our encountering and becoming connected with the dynamic of the “land pyramid” is critical to the establishment of a genuine environmental ethic within each individual human, Urban Gardening emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning with students gardening both in home gardens and within various community partners’ gardens on a daily basis. This Spring Term students in Urban Gardening have partnerships with Edible Schoolyards at Samuel Green and Phyllis Wheatley Schools, and with St. Anna’s Community Center, The Chapel of the Holy Spirit and Newcomb Children’s Center among others. In their learning with the children and youth served by these community partners Tulane students participate in the age-old practice of passing along the skills of gardening to a new generation both as an enjoyable pastime and as a fundamental cornerstone of human community.

Alumna in the Spotlight: Rachel Kahn

Rachel Kahn, EVST Class of 2018

Rachel Kahn, Class of 2018

“I love the passion from both EVST students and faculty about environmental justice and climate change mitigation. I’ve learned so much in this program because I’ve been able to take courses from all different disciplines yet each with an environmental focus. It’s been such a unique opportunity to experience the environmental issues that take place in the Greater New Orleans area and learn firsthand how local citizens and organizations are affected by climate change.”

Rachel has been a very active member of the EVST community at Tulane and one well known and respected by both EVST Faculty and her peers.

Rachel has interned with the following organizations:

  • Sustainability Associate Intern at LifeCity, LLC
  • Community Outreach Intern at the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic
  • Student Assistant at the Tulane Environmental Studies Department
  • Research Intern at the Tulane ByWater Institute
  • Environmental Compliance Intern at the Tulane Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Student Organizations:

  • USG Sustainability Committee

Study Abroad:

During her junior year, Rachel participated in the Sustainable Development in Northern Europe program at DIS Copenhagen.

Rachel's favorite EVST classes include:

  • POLA 4230 Environmental Politics and Policy
  • HISU 2912 U.S. Environmental History
  • EVST 4010 Environmental and Social Justice in NOLA (EVST Summer Program)

Alumnus in the Spotlight: Bradley Tyson

Bradley Tyson, EVST Class of 2017

Bradley Tyson, Class of 2017, Altman Program with Focus in Environmental Studies

Bradley's Current Job:

Bradley is an Associate Analyst in the Global Project and Infrastructure Finance Division of Moody’s, focusing on Latin America and US power and renewables.

Bradley has interned with the following organizations:

  • Analyst for DCDB, a boutique consulting firm in Buenos Aires, specializing in renewable energy and mining in Latin America.
  • Analyst for FARN, an environmental think tank in Buenos Aires, working for environmental policy change in Argentina’s Congress.
  • Analyst for World Trade Center of New Orleans, specializing in energy investment in New Orleans and Louisiana.

Study Abroad:

Bradley spent one year studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied environmental studies at the University of Buenos Aires, taking courses in Oceanography, Advanced Oceanography, and Urban Geography.

Bradley's favorite EVST classes include:

  • Environmental Sociology with Amalia Leguizamón
  • Environmental Economics
  • Tropical Biology