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About the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South

The New Orleans Center for the Gulf South at Tulane University (NOCGS) is an interdisciplinary, place-based institute that was founded in 2011 and is now a cornerstone of the School of Liberal Arts. NOCGS is dedicated to preserving, perpetuating, and celebrating the distinctive cultures of New Orleans and the Gulf South, identified as the bioregion stretching from Florida to Texas. Its focus is not only on the coastal states, but is international as well, exploring areas of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa that have ties to the region and have influenced its distinctive history and traditions, as well as other delta city and coastal wetland areas around the world that share geographical traits. The Center’s mission rests on three pillars: research, teaching, and community engagement. All of our programming is based on the belief that the more we understand where we are, the more fully we can engage in our democracy and collective destiny.

Staff Affiliated Faculty & Staff Partner Organizations

 Rebecca Snedeker Clark Executive Director Director, Musical Cultures of the Gulf South
Rebecca Snedeker
Clark Executive Director
Denise Frazier, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South
Denise Frazier
Assistant Director
Justin Curtis Marcano
Justin Curtis Marcano
Marketing and Publicity Assistant
Regina Cairns, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South
Regina Cairns
Executive Secretary
Laia L. La Rue, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South
Laia L. La Rue
Student Website Assistant
Partner Organizations
A Studio in the Woods
A Studio in the Woods
Program: Gulf South Writer in the Woods
Antenna Works Base
Antenna Works
Project: Slave Rebellion Reenactment, Fossil Free Festival
Neighborhood Story Project
Neighborhood Story Project
Project: L'Union Creole Concert Series
Ongoing Consultants
Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South
Bruce "Sunpie" Barnes
L'Union Creole Series Curator and NEH Landmark Workshop Co-Director
Douglas Miller, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South
Douglas Miller
Graphic Designer
Sonya Robinson, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South
Sonya Robinson
Director of Educator Engagement for Music Rising at Tulane
Grace Treffinger
Grace Treffinger
Anthropocene Project Coordinator

Tulane Faculty Teaching Gulf South Related Courses

Adam McKeown, English
Amalia Leguizamón
Andrew Horowitz, History
Annie Freitas
Ashlin Parker, Theater and Dance
Ausettua Jackson, Theater and Dance
Barbara Hayley, Theater and Dance
Bernice Mcfadden, English
Betsy Weiss, Communications
Beverly Trask, Theater and Dance
Christopher Oliver
Daniel Sharp, Music
Edith Wolfe, Undergraduate Programs, Stone Center
Emily Clark, History
George Flowers
James Markway, Music
Jane Mathieu, Music
Joel Dinerstein, English
Johnathan Pritchet
Keith Silverman
Laura Rosanne Adderley, History
Mary Magdalene, History
Matt Sakakeeney, Music
Melissa Weber, Hogan Jazz Archive, Louisiana Collection
Michael Luke, English
Michael Sherman
Nathalie Dajko, Anthropology
Nghana Lewis, English
Nicholas Spitzer, Anthropology
Nicole Buckles, Theater and Dance
Randy Sparks, History
Richard Campanella, School of Architecture
Robert Gilpin
Rosalind Cook
Sabia McCoy-Torres, Anthropology
Stephen Ostertag
Terrance Fitzmorris
Tom Klingler, French/Italian
T.R. Johnson, English
Vicki Mayer, Communications