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Previous Monroe Fellows Research Grants



Harris, Lisa (Vocal Performance, Piano)
"Onshore Trilling: What to do When the Earth Sings the Bruise"

Brown, Imani Jacqueline (Environmental Architecture, Royal College of Art, London, UK)
"Disentangling the Snarl of Industry"

Trafton, Scott (English and African American Studies, University of South Carolina)
"Gulf Coast Blues: Race, Space, and the Afrocreole Coast"

Conway, Hannah (History of Science, Harvard University)
"How Infrastructures Age: Engineering, Nature, and Environmental Justice in the Lower Mississippi Delta since 1930"

Pearce, Margaret (Geography, Writing)
"Mississippi Dialogues"

Gomez-Herrin, Rosa (Urban Studies, University of New Orleans)
"The emerging concentration of the Latinx population in the Greater New Orleans area"

Gómez López, Ana María (Painting, Printmaking)
"On Taphonomy"

Erickson, Annie Laurie (Photography, Tulane University)
"Slow Light: Afterimaging in Louisiana's Cancer Alley"

Murphy, Laura (Global Community Health & Behavioral Sciences, Tulane University)
Glossary to the "Anthropo-/Capitalo-/Corona-/Chthulu-/Necro-/Plantationo-/Oikeio-/Sociopatho- Scene": Gulf Coast Edition

Tucker, Angela (Film Directing, Tulane University)



Bartram, Robin (Sociology, Tulane University)
"Repairing Housing Inequality? Government Grants for Home Repairs in New Orleans"

Butler, Frances (Geography, University College, London UK)
"Matters of responsibility: State effects in coastal Louisiana"

Celestan, Karen (Creative Writing, Texas Southern University)
"So, So Pretty: Mardi Gras Indian Queens in New Orleans"

Easterling, Charles "Aziz" (Photographer, Political Science)
"Band Together: Music Education in the Margins of America"

Ekine, Sokari (Writer, Photographer, Editor)
"Altars: Black Queer Spirit Work"

Grant, Christopher (Anthropology, University of Chicago)
"An investigation of the colonial intersection of race, fashion, and food."

Press, Eyal (Sociology, History)
"Dirty Work"

Robinson, Greg (History, Universite du Quebec)
"Japanese Louisiana"

Stem, Walter C. (History, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
"Education for Imprisonment: Youth, Race, and Incarceration in the World's Prison Capital"


Bundy, LaTasha (Music Composition - Legal Studies, Tulane University)
"NOLA Sample Project: Preserving Preservation Hall and Teaching a New Kind of Archival Audio"

Ford, Emily (Science - Historic Preservation, Oak and Laurel Cemetary Preservation, LLC)
"Chronicling Labor in New Orleans Cemeteries: An Oral History Project"

Hamilton, Gia M. (Curatorial Training, New Orleans African American Museum)
"Art, HIstory Culture and Equitable Tourism - a case for new museum models"

Liddell, Jessica Lee (Social Work, Urban Studies, Sociology)
"Women's Reproductive and Sexual Health Experiences Among the United Houma Nation"

Nadel, Matt (History and Humanities, New Orleans Video Access Center) Plotka, Megan (Communications/Journalism, WDSU 6 News (Hearst TV))
"CANS Can't Stand" (working title)



Bellet, Manon (Artist)
"Golden Waste: A proposal for olfactory work in Louisiana, US"

Brand, Anna Livia (Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, University of California, Berkeley)
"Cummalitive Projections: From Green and Red Lines to Green Dots and Blue Ways. The Spatual Imaginary of Projecting Racilized Futures"

Darensbourg, Jeffery U. (Writer, Science, Library and Information Science)
"A Monograph about the Atakapa-Ishak"

Davis, Carol (English, Texas A&M Galveston)
"North of Broadway: African American Galvestonians and Galveston's Beaches"

Klingler, Thomas A. (French Linguistics, Tulane University)
"The Preparation of a Differential, Historical, Etymological Dictionary of Louisiana French"

Morris, Benjamin A. (Archeology and English, University of Cambridge)
"The Call"

Reuther, Dustin (Philosophy, Tulane University)
"Restoring Locally: A Historical Ecology Study of Coastal Restoration Projects and Communities of Lower Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana"

Wilson, Keith (Film and Theater, San Francisco Art Institute)
"The Most Beautiful Beach"


Akerman, Kira (Filmmaker)
"Hollow Tree"

Gratz, Roberta Brandes (Journalist, Urbanist)
"The Stern Family"

Randolph, Ned (Communications, University of California, San Diego/Tulane Visiting Scholar)
"Rethinking Mud"

Roberts-Gregory, Frances (Environmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley)
"Climate Justice"

Robinson, Kristina Kay (Ancient World Literature, Xavier University of Louisiana)
"Republica: Temple of Color and Sound"

Rubie, Casey (Art, Artist in Residence, Fordham)

Teamer, Ashley (Painte/Sculptor) Flanagan, Annie (Photographer/Filmmaker)
"Lady Bleu Devils"

Viglini, Nicole E. (History, University of California, Berkeley)
"Flora, Fauna, and the Economic Networks of Enslaved and Free Women in Nineteenth-Century Louisiana and Mississippi"



Beller, Thomas (English, Tulane University)
“Narrating the Environment: Lead”

Chanin , Jesse (Sociology, Tulane University)
“Participatory Research on the State of Juvenile Justice in New Orleans”

Kennedy, Ryan (Anthropology, Tulane University)
“The Archaeology of Historic New Orleans Foodways and Environmental Change”

Lay, J. Celeste (Political Science, Tulane University)
Focus groups in New Orleans about attitudes related to education reform in the city

Rose, Diego (Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Tulane University)
“Access to Healthy Food: Impact of a New Orleans Initiative”



Campanella, Richard (Urban Geography, Tulane University School of Architecture)
Research that contributes to the Center’s core mission

Clark, Emily (History, Tulane University)
“Noel Carriere: A New Orleans Free Man of Color, 1746-1804”

Ferris, Rebecca (Documentary Filmmaker)
“Leaving the Bayou”

Lief, Shane (Anthropology/Ethnomusicology, Tulane University)
“Indigenous Sounds of the Gulf South”

McCall, Grant (Anthropology, Tulane University)
Emergency Fieldwork at the Toncrey Mounds Archaeological Site (16PL7), Plaquemine’s Parish, LA

Sakakeeny, Matt (Music/Ethnomusicology, Tulane University)
“Inner Voices, Outer Sounds: Louis Armstrong’s Methods for Externalizing the Interior”


Anagnost, Adrian (Art, Tulane University)
“Aestheticizing Contingent Urbanisms: The Case of the Gulf South”

Barra, Monica (Cultural Anthropology, The Graduate Center, CUNY)
“Land Loss: Techno-science, Race, and the Disappearing Geographies of Southeast Louisiana”

Foa, Michelle (Art, Tulane University)
“Between New Orleans and Paris: Edgar Degas and the Matter of Cotton”

Mathews, Katie and Alex Glustrom (Documentary Filmmaker)
Mossville, Feature Documentary and Interactive Website

Sharp, Daniel (Music and Latin American Studies, Tulane University)
“Musical Architecture: Community Arts and Experimentalism in New Orleans”

Spitzer, Nicholas (Anthropology, Tulane University)
“Zydeco Nights and Mardi Gras Day: Creole Music, Festival & Identity in French Louisiana”



Adderley, Rosanne (History, Tulane University)
“Frances Gaudet Legacy Project”

García, Guadalupe (History, Tulane University)
“Urban Bodies: Enslavement and the City in Havana, Cuba”

Horowitz, Andrew (History, Tulane University)
“The End of Empire, Louisiana: Disaster and Recovery on the Gulf Coast, 1915-2015”


Bagneris, Mia (Art History, Tulane University)
“Imagining the Oriental South: The Enslaved Mixed-Race Beauty in British Visual Culture after 1865”

Halverson, Nathan (Digital Arts, Tulane University)
“Deep Water Event Horizon”

Mehta, Jayur (Humanities, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts)
“The Mississippi River Delta Archeological Project: Exploring the Relationship Between Mississippi River Delta Formation and Prehistoric Archaeological Sites”

Walker, Aaron and Tim Watson (Independent Filmmakers)
“Allen Toussaint: The Palfi Tapes”



Beller, Thomas (English, Tulane University)
“The ‘Literary Afterlife’ of Louisiana Poet Rodney Jack”

Dantas, Luisa (Documentary Filmmaker)
Land of Opportunity Multi-Platform Website (Katrina and Sandy)

Gilpin, Blake (History, Tulane University)
“A Dangerous Fermentation: Fictions of Slavery, Freedom, and Revolt in the Gulf South”

Kelley, Laura (History, Tulane University)
“Freedom Riders Fifty Years Later: Oral History Project”

Raymundo, J. Emmanuel (Communication, Tulane University)
“Blanckness: Sounds of Life in the Postcolony”

Wolfe, Justin (History, Tulane University)
“On Equal Grounds: Race and Empire in the Age of Manifest Destiny, 1848-1858”


Atencio, Rebecca (Spanish and Portuguese, Tulane University)
Research and travel costs to Brazil

Brook, Daniel (Independent Scholar/Author)
“Education and Reform in Reconstruction-Era New Orleans”

Campanella, Richard (Urban Geography, Tulane University School of Architecture)
“How Bourbon Street Happened”

Dmitrov, Martin (Political Science, Tulane University)
“Popular Opinion in Cuba”

Lightweis-Goff, Jennifer (English, Tulane University)
“Temporary Housing: Slavery in the American City”

Miller, Marilyn (Spanish and Portuguese, Tulane University)
“Race and Cuba”



Gotham, Kevin (Sociology, Tulane University)
“The Impact of Climate Change on the Ecosystem of So. Louisiana”

Ortiz, David (Sociology, Tulane University) and Ostertag, Stephen (Sociology, Tulane University)
“Digital Communication and Mobilizing New Communities: Blogging in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina”

Truitt, Allison (Anthropology, Tulane University)
“The Buddha Side of the Gulf Coast (Vietnamese-Americans)”


Campanella, Richard (Urban Geography, Tulane University School of Architecture)
Research that contributes to the Center’s core mission

Lazar, Zachary (English, Tulane University) and Luster, Deborah (Artist/Photographer)
“Angola Prison Project: ‘The Life of Jesus’”

McCaffrey, Kevin (Documentary Filmmaker)
“The Birth of Jazz (Documentary)”

Pritchett, Jonathan (Economics, Tulane University)
”Quantifying Political Events Surrounding Slavery and the Civil War”

Sakakeeny, Matt (Music/Ethnomusicology, Tulane University)
“Gospel Voices in the Church of the Living God in Toccopola, Mississippi”

Wiley, Amber (Tulane University School of Architecture)
“Sounds and Sites: A Public History Project of Music and Memory”



Adams, Thomas (History, Tulane University)
“Robert Charles’ World: Migration, Space, and Sociability in the Southern City”

Berry, Jason (Journalist)
“A History of New Orleans Funerals”

Grams, Diane (Sociology, Tulane University)
“From Color Line to Fault Line: Cultural Repertoires and the Construction of Inequality”

Kato, Yuki (Sociology, Tulane University)
“Urban Agriculture in Post-Katrina New Orleans”

Lightweis-Goff, Jennifer (English, Tulane University)
“New York and New Orleans: The History of a Romance”

Mayer, Vicki (Communication, Tulane University)
“The MediaNOLA Project”

Ortiz, David (Sociology, Tulane University) and Ostertag, Stephen (Sociology, Tulane University)
“The Cultural Trauma and Cultural Resilience of New Orleanians: Blogging in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina”

Schneider, Aaron (Political Science, Tulane University)
“Workers, New Orleans, and the Global Shipbuilding Regime. Work, Organization, Labor, and Globalization”

Sparks, Randy (History, Tulane University)
“Africans in the Old South: Identity, Mobility, and the Risks of Illegal Enslavement” “New Orleans, Cuba, and the Illegal Slave Trade of the 19th Century”


Campanella, Richard (Urban Geography, Tulane University School of Architecture)
Research that contributes to the Center’s core mission

Rodning, Christopher (Anthropology, Tulane University)
“Native American Settlement in Coastal Louisiana”

Schneider, Aaron (Political Science, Tulane University)
“Political Economy of Urban Development: Satellite Governance in New Orleans”

Sparks, Randy (History, Tulane University)
“New Orleans, Cuba, and the Illegal Slave Trade of the 19th Century”



Abramson, Evan (Filmmaker) and López, Carmen Elsa (Filmmaker)
“Last Stand on the Island”

Adams, Thomas (History, Tulane University)
“Working in the Big Easy: Labor in New Orleans from Slavery to Post-Katrina”

Cohen, Michael (Jewish Studies, Tulane University)
“Cotton Capitalists: American Jewish Entrepreneurship in the Reconstruction Era”

Lewis, Nghana (English and African Diaspora Studies, Tulane University)
“Black Women’s Health in the Age of Hip Hop and HIV/AIDS”

Mayer, Vicki (Communication, Tulane University)
“The Origins and Delay of Hollywood South”

Perry, Marc (Anthropology, Tulane University)
“Who Dat? Raced Performance and its Conspicuous Consumption in Pre-Katrina New Orleans”

Trask, Beverly (Dance, Tulane University)
“The Congolese-Haitian-Cuban-New Orleans Connection: Integrating Arts Teaching, and Learning Strategy”