Xin Jiang Assistant Professor Department of Sociology Tulane University

Xin Jiang

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Sociology, The Ohio State University


Juvenile Delinquency, Criminological Theory, Crime Control, Immigrant Assimilation


My research focuses on identifying how one’s position in the social stratifications hierarchies (e.g., race/ethnicity, immigrant status) interacts with structural features of school, family, and community to engender different likelihoods and levels of crime and social control.

My current research projects focus on explaining how immigration status and race/ethnicity shape the social and educational mobility and involvement in delinquency and victimization, variation in the effectiveness of crime/delinquency prevention by immigrant generations and race/ethnicity, and how such variation is shaped by school, family, community, and peer contexts. Theoretically, my research cuts across the disciplines of criminology and assimilation to advance understanding of the generality of criminological models to immigrants and racial/ethnic minorities.

Selected Publications:

Chen, Xiaojin and Jiang, Xin (Forthcoming) “Are Grandparents Better Caretakers? Parental Migration, Caretaking Arrangements, Children’s Self-Control, and Delinquency in Rural China.” Crime and Delinquency.

Jiang, Xin and Peguero, Anthony A. (2017) “Immigration, Extracurricular Activity, and the Role of Family.” Education and Urban Society. 49(3):314-340

Jiang, Xin and Peguero, Anthony A. (2017) “Immigrant Generations and Delinquency: Assessing the Role of Social Control and Differential Association.” Race and Justice. 7(3): 199-225.