"Wild Visionary - Golan Moskowitz talks about the Jewish World of Maurice Sendak's Artistry

Golan Moskowitz online

On March 3rd, Assistant Professor and Catherine and Henry J Gaisman Faculty Fellow Golan Moskowitz, speaks for the Haberman Institute for Jewish Studies.

"As a child in a family of Yiddish-speaking Polish immigrants, Maurice Sendak was regaled with real-life horror stories of life in Poland and the loss of family members in Nazi death camps. Fear of the "other” was a daily reality. Moskowitz engages us with the life of a man who appealed to the fantasies of children who needed to escape from the realities of a hostile world in which Jews were the “other”. He gave shape to the fantasies of children who could fly or grow sideways when society or family circumstances prevented them from growing upward or moving forward. They were haunted by a past they did not directly experience. Watch as Golan Moskowitz investigates the evolution of Maurice Sendak’s artistic vision and its appeal to American, Jewish, and queer audiences.

You will be fascinated by this presentation, which is so relevant today as antisemitism and hatred of the “other” are on the rise."

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