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Transfer Credit

To obtain transfer credit, please complete the following steps:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor about your plans before contacting the Economics Department office. Your academic advisor will provide the required transfer credit form and explain the process.
  2. Bring the completed and signed form, course description, and syllabus to the Economics Department office, Tilton Hall, room 210. Please allow one week for the Undergraduate Chair to review the request. You will receive an email once a decision has been made regarding your request.
  3. Once we contact you, pick up the form from the Economics office, Tilton 210.
  4. Return the form to your academic advisor. You cannot receive credit if you do not bring the form to your academic advisor.


To ensure that the course transfers, you should complete the steps above before taking the course at another institution.

You can transfer a maximum of 5 (five) courses (at least half of the 10 economics courses required for a major in economics must be taken at Tulane).

We do not accept community college courses, and we do not give course credit for internships.  However, we do accept service learning courses.  If you have questions, please get in touch with the department at 210 Tilton Memorial Hall.