Affiliated Centers

The Murphy Institute

Established in memory of Charles H. Murphy, Sr. (1870-1954), and inspired by the vision of Charles H. Murphy, Jr. (1920-2002), The Murphy Institute exists to help Tulane faculty and students understand economic, moral, and political problems we all face and think about. More important, it exists to help us understand how these problems have come to be so closely interconnected.

Roger Thayer Stone Center

The Stone Center coordinates the research and teaching activities of over 70 core faculty and 35 affiliated faculty and adjuncts in schools and departments across several Tulane campuses. Except for the professional schools, this is the largest number of faculty associated with any department or program of the university. The Stone Center occupies a 3,500 sq. ft. facility with conference room, lounge, and TA office.

ERA Education Research Alliance

In the wake of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, an unprecedented new system of public education was put in place. The purpose of the Education Research Alliance for New Orleans (ERA-New Orleans) is to understand how this new era in school reform has influenced teaching and learning in the city’s schools and what the findings mean for the future of school reform.

REACH National Center for Research on Education Access and Choice

The mission of REACH is to provide objective, rigorous, and applicable research that informs and improves school choice policy design and implementation to increase opportunities and outcomes for disadvantaged students.

CEQ Institute Commitment to Equity

The Commitment to Equity (CEQ) Institute, founded by Nora Lustig in 2015, works to reduce inequality and poverty through comprehensive and rigorous tax and benefit incidence analysis, and active engagement with the policy community.

Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

The Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine has been a leader in the field of public health for more than 100 years, with a very global view of public health throughout its history.