Murphy-Economics seminar series and related events

The seminar series is held on Fridays from 3:00 to 4:30 pm in Tilton Memorial Hall. Exceptions are in green. Other colloquia and lectures that may interest economists are also listed.

Spring 2024

January 26, 2024

Harry de Gorter

Cornell University

February 23, 2024

Elira Kuka

George Washington University

March 1, 2024

Jason Abrevaya

UT Austin

March 8, 2024

Richard Sweeney

Boston College

March 15, 2024

Petra Todd

University of Pennsylvania

April 12, 2024

Pascual Restrepo Mesa

Boston University

April 19, 2024

Michal Kolesar

Princeton University

April 26, 2024

Mahvish Shaukat

World Bank


Fall 2023

September 22, 2023

Meiping Sun

Fordham University

Econ seminar: Long-term Impacts of Universal Pediatric Preventive Health Programs: Evidence from China
September 29, 2023

Jamein Cunningham

Cornell University

Econ seminar: State Recreational Cannabis Laws and Racial Disparities in the Criminal Legal System
October 13, 2023    

Nathan Jensen

University of Texas-Austin

Econ seminar: CANCELLED
October 20, 2023

Diego Escobari

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Econ seminar: TBD
October 27, 2023

Barbara Biasi

Yale University

Econ seminar: TBD
November 3, 2023

Matt Van Essen

University of Tennessee Knoxville

Econ seminar: TBD
November 17, 2023

James Alm

Tulane University

Econ seminar: TBD
December 1, 2023

Petra Todd

University of Pennsylvania

Econ seminar: TBD
December 8, 2023

Travis Campbell

Southern Oregon University

Econ seminar: TBD

Spring 2023

May 5, 2023

David Card

University of California, Berkeley

February 10, 2023

Michael Best

Columbia University

Econ seminar: A Bird in the Hand: Detection, Collection and Deterrence in Tax Enforcement
February 24, 2023

Bradley Hardy

Georgetown University

Econ seminar: Money Matters: Consumption Volatility Across the Income Distribution
March 3, 2023

Raquel Fernandez

New York University

Econ seminar: Universal Basic Income: A Dynamic Assessment

March 10, 2023


Nathan Nunn

Harvard University

Econ seminar: Zero-Sum Thinking and the Roots of U.S. Political Divides
March 17, 2023

Eva Vivalt

University of Toronto

Econ seminar: The Unclaimed Property Puzzle: Billion Dollar Bills Lying on the Sidewalk
March 24, 2023

Nathan Canen

University of Houston

Econ seminar: Innovation Adoption by Committee: The Case of the FDA
April 14, 2023

Jhacova Williams

RAND & American University

Econ seminar: The Legacy of Lynchings and State-Sanctioned Violence Against Black Americans
April 28, 2023

Ismael Mourifie

University of Toronto

Econ seminar: Evaluating the Impact of Regulatory Policies on Social Welfare in Difference-in-difference Settings

Fall 2022

September 9, 2022

Samuel Mann

Vanderbilt University

Econ seminar: Anti-Discrimination Laws and Mental Health: Evidence from Sexual Minorities

September 23, 2022 


Benjamin Lockwood

University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School

Econ seminar: Diffuse Bunching with Frictions: Theory and Estimation
September 30, 2022

Chao Fu

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Econ seminar: Information Friction and the Labor Market for Public School Teachers

October 14, 2022


Heyu Xiong

Case Western Reserve University

Econ seminar: The Impact of Dating Apps on Young Adults: Evidence from Tinder

October 21, 2022


Yongmiao Hong

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Econ seminar: Regularized GMM for Time-Varying Models with Applications to Asset Pricing
October 28, 2022

Nicholas Yannelis

University of Iowa

Econ seminar: Equilibrium under Ambiguity: Implementation and Existence
November 4, 2022

Isaiah Andrews

Harvard University

Econ seminar: Included and Excluded Instruments in Structural Estimation
December 9, 2022

Arnab Basu

Cornell University

Econ seminar: Parental Risk Preferences, Maternal Bargaining Power, and the Educational Progressions of Children: Lab-in-the-Field Evidence from Rural Côte d’Ivoire

Spring 2022


February 11, 2022 


Vicki Bogan

Cornell University

Econ seminar: TBD
February 18, 2022

Rajesh Narayanan

Louisiana State Univerity

Econ seminar: When Safe became Risky: The information sensitivity of subprime RMBS during the financial crisis of 2007-2009
March 4, 2022

Jim Berry

University of Delaware

Econ seminar: TBD
March 11, 2022

Prachi Mishra

International Monetary Fund

Econ seminar: TBD
March 18, 2022

Anirban Basu

University of Washington

Econ seminar: TBD
March 25, 2022

Jeffrey Wooldridge

Michigan State University

Econ seminar: TBD
May 6, 2022

Leila Agha

Dartmouth College

Econ seminar: TBD

Fall 2021


September 2, 2021 

To be rescheduled - Hurricane Ida

Naomi Feldman

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Econ seminar: TBD
September 24, 2021

Lisa Cook

Michigan State Univerity

Econ seminar: TBD
October 1, 2021

Benjamin Harrell

Vanderbilt University

Econ seminar: TBD

October 15, 202


Arnab Basu

Cornell University

Econ seminar: Cancelled
October 22, 2021

Basit Zafar

University of Michigan

Econ seminar: TBD
October 29, 2021

Brittany Street

University of Missouri

Econ seminar: TBD
November 5, 2021

Andy Ferrara

University of Pittsburgh

Econ seminar: TBD
December 3, 2021

Stefan Szymanski

University of Michigan

Econ seminar: TBD

December 10, 2021


Nathan Hendren

Harvard University

Econ seminar: TBD

Spring 2021

January 29, 2021

Itzik Fadlon

University of California San Diego

Econ seminar: Market Inefficiency and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Social Security's Survivors Benefits

February 5, 2021 (12:00-1:15pm) 


Francesca Barigozzi

University of Bologna

Econ seminar: Gender Wage and Longevity Gaps and the Design of Retirement Systems
February 12, 2021

Stacy Dickert-Conlin

Michigan State University

Econ seminar: Opioids and Organs: How Overdoses Affect the Supply of Donors, Waiting Lists, and Transplant Outcomes
February 19, 2021

Dan Hamermesh

University of Texas Austin and Barnard College

Econ seminar: Adjusting to Loss: Widows’ Time , Time Stress and Happiness
February 26, 2021

Paul Heaton

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Econ seminar: Enhanced Public Defense Improves Pretrial Outcomes and Reduces Racial Disparities
March 5, 2021 (11:15-12:45pm)

Nikolas Mittag


Econ seminar: How Does Potential Unemployment Insurance Benefit Duration Affect Reemployment Timing and Wages?
March 12, 2021

David Grabowski

Harvard Medical School

Econ seminar: Immigration, the Labor Market, and the Quality of Nursing Home Care
March 19, 2021

Ellen Meara

Harvard School of Public Health

Econ seminar: Rising Geographic Disparities in US Mortality
March 26, 2021

Richard Romano

University of Florida

Econ seminar: A Positive Theory of School Finance Regimes and the Preference for    
a Foundation System
April 9, 2021

David Schwegman

American University

Econ seminar: Do Religiously-Affiliated Foster Care Agencies Respond Equally to All Clients?
April 16, 2021

Daron Acemoglu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Econ seminar: Tasks, Automation, and the Rise in US Wage Inequality
April 23, 2021

Christopher "Kitt" Carpenter

Vanderbilt Law School

Econ seminar: TBD

Fall 2020

September 4, 2020

Trevon Logan

Ohio State University

Econ seminar: The Green Books and the Georgraphy of Segregation in Public Accommodations
September 11, 2020

Michael Frakes

Duke University

Econ seminar: Investing in Ex Ante Regulation: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Patent Examination
September 18, 2020

Marcella Alsan

Harvard Kennedy School

Econ seminar: Civil Liberties in Times of Crisis
October 2, 2020

Peter Blair

Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Econ seminar: A National Study of Public School Spending:    
Quantifying House Price Capitalization and    
Testing for Efficiency
October 9, 2020

Michael Poyker

University of Nottingham

Econ seminar: The Economics of Gender-Specific Minimum-Wage Legislation
October 16, 2020

Mushfiq Mobarak

Yale University

Econ seminar: Migration and the Labor Market Impacts of COVID-19 & Seasonal Poverty and the COVID-19 Pandemic
October 30, 2020 (11:45-1:15pm)

Nikolas Mittag


Econ seminar: TBD
November 6, 2020

Gordon Hanson

Harvard Kennedy School

Econ seminar: On the Persistence of the China Shock

Spring 2020

February 7, 2020

Noel Johnson

George Mason University

Econ seminar: Pandemics, Places, and Populations: The Effects of the Black Death on Urban Development
February 14, 2020

Martin Ravallion

Georgetown University

Econ seminar: A Market for Work Permits
February 21, 2020

Sara LaLumia

Williams College

Econ seminar: Intergenerational Effects of the EITC: The Case of Grandparents
February 28, 2020

Celeste Carruthers

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Econ seminar: Promise Kept? Free Community College, Attainment, and Earnings in Tennessee

March 4, 2020 (Wed., 12:30-2:00, Tilton 305)


Christopher Bollinger

University of Kentucky

Econ seminar: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Measurement Error, Non-Response and Administrative Mismatch in the CPS
March 6, 2020No SeminarTulane Tax Conference

March 11, 2020 (Wednesday, Tilton 305) 


Guy David

The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania

Econ seminar: Information, Relative Performance, and Technology Abandonment
March 13, 2020No SeminarTulane Health Economics Conference: Cancelled
March 20, 2020 ( Cancelled )

David Grabowski

Harvard Medical School

Econ seminar: Cancelled
March 27, 2020 ( Cancelled )

Ellen Meara

Harvard University

Econ seminar: Cancelled
April 3, 2020 ( Cancelled )

Christopher Carpenter

Vanderbilt University

Econ seminar: Cancelled
April 17, 2020 ( Cancelled )

Itzik Fadlon

University of California San Diego

Econ seminar: Cancelled
April 24, 2020 ( Cancelled )

Arnab Basu

Cornell University

Econ seminar: Cancelled

Fall 2019

September 6, 2019

Harry Holzer

Georgetown University

Econ seminar: Community College Pathways for Disadvantaged Students
September 13, 2019 ( Cancelled )

Stuart Rosenthal

Syracuse University - Maxwell

Econ seminar: Cancelled
September 20, 2019

Yutaka Horiba

Tulane University Emeritus

Econ seminar: The Empirical Determinants of Defined Contribution Pension Plans in Japan
October 4, 2019

Diane Alexander

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Econ seminar: The Impact of Car Pollution on Infant and Child Health: Evidence from Emissions Cheating
October 18, 2019

Rodney Andrews

University of Texas at Dallas

Econ seminar: Recruiting and Supporting Low-Income, High-Achieving Students at Flagship Universities
October 25, 2019

Rebecca Morton

New York University

Econ seminar: Social Groups and the Effectiveness of Protests: The Roles of Information Sharing and Aggregation
November 1, 2019

Jingfeng Lu

National University of Singapore

Econ seminar: Electoral College versus Popular Vote: Should th U.S. Change Its Presidential Election Scheme?
November 15, 2019

Sarah Cohodes

Teachers College, Columbia University

Econ seminar: Technology, Information, and School Choice: A Randomized Controlled Trial
December 6, 2019

Douglas Nelson

Tulane University

Econ seminar: Rational Trade Wars and Stupid Trade Disputes

Spring 2019

February 15, 2019

Iryna Topolyan

University of Cincinnati

Econ seminar: Group Contests with Private Information and the "Weakest Link"

March 15, 2019 ( Postponed )


Arnab Basu

Cornell University

Econ seminar: Postponed
March 20, 2019 ( Tilton 301, 3-4:30 pm )

Seth Benzell


Econ seminar: Simulating U.S. Business Cash Flow Taxation in a 17-Region Global Model
March 22, 2019

Monica Deza

CUNY Hunter College

Econ seminar: The Effect of Military Service on the Next Generation's Criminal Participation: Evidence from the Vietnam Draft Lottery

April 5, 2019 ( Cancelled )


Randolph Beard

Auburn University

Econ seminar: Cancelled
April 12, 2019

Abby Alpert

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Econ seminar: The Origins of the Opioid Crisis and Its Enduring Impacts

Fall 2018

September 21, 2018

Marian Moszoro

George Mason University

Econ seminar: Political Hazards and the Choice of Contracting: The Case of Municipal Bonds
September 28, 2018

Stephanie Fortune-Taylor

Ph.D. Candidate, Tulane University

Econ seminar: Is More Always Better? Evidence of Preference Heterogeneity in the 1994 EITC Expansion
October 5, 2018

John Gibson

Georgia State University

Econ seminar: Assessing the Impact of Informal Sector Employment on Young Less-Educated Workers
October 19, 2018

Adam Isen

Office of Tax Analysis, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Econ seminar: Parental Resources and College Attendance: Evidence from Lottery Wins
November 2, 2018

Rui Wang

Ph.D. Candidate, Tulane University

Econ seminar: Price Transparency and Healthcare Expenditure: The Case of New Hampshire Healthcase Market
November 9, 2018

Edward Norton

University of Michigan

Econ seminar: Do Report Cards Predict Future Quality? The Case of Skilled Nursing Facilities
November 30, 2018

Rodrigo Aranda

Ph.D. Candidate, Tulane University

Econ seminar: Behavioral Responses to Mass Shootings: Physical Activity, Mental Health and Labor Outcomes
December 7, 2018

Joseph Ferrie

Northwestern University

Econ seminar: Rosie's Kids: World War II Preschools and Life-Course Outcomes in the U.S., 1943-2015

Fall 2017

September 8, 2017

Ermanno Affuso

University of South Alabama

Econ seminar: Aircraft Noise and Urban Externalities
September 15, 2017

Randall Akee

University of California-Los Angeles

Econ seminar: Show Them the Money: The Effect of Unconditional Cash Transfers on Intergenerational Patterns of Voter Participation ( abstract )
September 29, 2017 (in Tilton 305) 

Michael Spanbauer

Tulane University

Econ seminar: Self-defense Policy, Justified Homicides, and Race
October 6, 2017 ( 1:00 pm , in Gibson 325 )

Ayca Kaya

University of Miami

Econ seminar: Uncertainty-driven Cooperation
October 27, 2017

Ali Enami

Tulane University

Econ seminar: Labor versus Capital in the Provision of Public Services: Estimating the Marginal Products of Inputs in the Production of Student Outcomes
November 3, 2017

Nancy Chau

Cornell University

Econ seminar: Contract Employment as a Worker Discipline Device
November 10, 2017

Alan Olmstead

University of California-Davis

Econ seminar: Cotton, Slavery, and the New History of Capitalism
December 1, 2017

Rodrigo Aranda Balcazar

Tulane University

Econ seminar: TBA
December 4, 2017 ( new date )

Jacqueline Fiore

Tulane University

Econ seminar: TBA

Spring 2018

February 7, 2018

Seth Benzell

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Econ seminar: TBA
February 23, 2018

Gregory DeAngelo

University of West Virginia

Econ seminar: TBA
March 2, 2018

David Miller

University of Michigan

Econ seminar: TBA
March 9, 2018 ( new date )

Stephen Billings

University of Colorado

Econ seminar: TBA
March 19, 2018 ( Monday , in Mayer 101 )

Nicole Maestas

Harvard Medical School

Econ seminar: The Effect of Economic Conditions on the Disability Insurance Program: Evidence from the Great Recession
April 6, 2018 ( Cancelled )

David Deming

Harvard University (Kennedy School)

Econ seminar: Cancelled
April 20, 2018

Till von Wachter

University of California-Los Angeles

Econ seminar: The Costs of Job Displacement over the Business Cycle and its Sources: Evidence from Germany
April 27, 2018 ( New )

Benjamin Sperisen

Tulane University

Econ seminar: Drug Wars, Crackdowns, and Policy Design under Collusion ( abstracts )

Fall 2016

September 2, 2016

Suresh Naidu

Columbia University

Econ seminar: Contested Property: Fugitive Slaves in the Antebellum U.S. South
September 30, 2016

Sarah Miller

University of Michigan

Econ seminar: Childhood Medicaid Coverage and Later Life Health Care Utilization
October 7, 2016

Qingmin Liu

Columbia University

Econ seminar: Auctions with Limited Commitment
November 4, 2016 (new date)

Cheng Hsiao

University of Southern California

Econ seminar: Do China’s High-Speed-Rail Projects Promote Local Economy?
November 11, 2016 (new date)

Jianjing Lin

Tulane University

Econ seminar: Does Health IT Adoption Lead to Better Information or Worse Incentives?
November 18, 2016

Roman Sheremeta

Case Western Reserve University

Econ seminar: Why Are We So Competitive? ( Part I ) ( Part II )
December 2, 2016

Flavio Cunha

Rice University

Econ seminar: Eliciting Maternal Expectations About the Technology of Cognitive Skill Formation
December 9, 2016

Rodolfo Nayga

University of Arkansas

Econ seminar: Supermarket Access and Childhood Obesity: Evidence from Store Openings and Closings

Spring 2017

January 20, 2017

Maria Polyakova

Stanford University

Econ seminar: Private Provision of Social Insurance: Drug-specific Price Elasticities and Cost Sharing in Medicare Part D
January 27, 2017 (New!) 

Xun Li

Wuhan University

Econ seminar: Haze and Decision Making: A Natural Laboratory Experiment (Abstract)
February 3, 2017

Monica Capra

Claremont Graduate University

Econ seminar: How Did It Get So Late So Soon? The Effects of Time Distortion on Discounting
February 10, 2017 (Rescheduled) 

Henry Thompson

Auburn University

Econ seminar: Resource Depletion, Factor Proportions, and Trade
February 17, 2017

Dave Weatherspoon

Michigan State University

Econ seminar: Policy, Prices, Expenditures and Dietary Diversity of Rwandan Households

February 20, 2017 (Rescheduled) 

Richardson 204

Matt Harris

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Econ seminar: Flypaper or Attractive Recycling? The Department of Defense 1033 Program and Local Government Spending
March 10, 2017

Benjamin Brooks

University of Chicago

Econ seminar: An Algorithm for Stochastic Games with Perfect Monitoring
March 24, 2017

Amanda Ross

University of Alabama

Econ seminar: The Impact of the Cost of Car Ownership on the Housing Price Gradient in Singapore
April 7, 2017

Hani Mansour

University of Colorado-Denver

Econ seminar: Taste-Based Discrimination and the Labor Market Outcomes of Arab and Muslim Men in the United States (paper coming soon)
April 21, 2017 (cancelled)   
April 28, 2017

David Neumark

University of California-Irvine

Econ seminar: TBA

May 5, 2017

Tilton 307

Karl Widerquist

SFS-Qatar, Georgetown University

Econ seminar: The Political Economy of the Upcoming Basic Income Experiments