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John Edwards Associate Professor Department of Economics Tulane University

John Edwards

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
300 Tilton Memorial Hall


Ph.D. University of Maryland


Selected publications

John H.Y. Edwards with Stefano Barbieri. 2017. Middle Class Flight from Post-Katrina New Orleans: A Theoretical Analysis of Inequality and Schooling. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 64, 12-29.

John H.Y. Edwards. 2015. The Structure of Disaster Resiliance: A Framework for Simulations and Policy Recommendations. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. 15, 827-841.

John H.Y. Edwards with Christian Langpap. 2012. Fuel Choice, Indoor Air Pollution and Children's Health. Environment and Development Economics. 17, 379-406.

John H.Y. Edwards and Christian Langpap. 2005. Startup Costs and the Decision to Switch from Firewood to Gas Fuel. Land Economics 81(4):570-86.

Marcus Berliant and John H.Y. Edwards. 2004. Efficient Allocations in Club Economies. Journal of Public Economic Theory 6(1): 43-63.

Arjun Singh Bedia and John H.Y. Edwards. 2002. The Impact of School Quality on Earnings and Educational Returns-Evidence from a Low-Income Country. Journal of Development Economics 68(1): 157-85.

John H.Y. Edwards. 1997. Political Capacity and Economic Frontier. In Marina Arbetman, Jacek Kugler, editors, Political Capacity and Economic Behavior Boulder, CO: Westview Press, pp. 269-82.

John H.Y. Edwards, Bruce Fuller, and Xiaoyan Liang. 1996. The Mixed Preschool Market: Explaining Local Variation in Family Demand and Organized Supply. Economics of Education Review 15(2): 149-61.

John H.Y. Edwards. 1992. Indivisibility and Preference for Collective Provision. Regional Science and Urban Economics 22(4): 559-77.

John H.Y. Edwards. 1990. Congestion Function Specification and the "Publicness" of Local Public Goods. Journal of Urban Economics 27(1): 80-96.

Roger R. Retancourt and John H.Y. Edwards. 1987. Economies of Scale and the Load Factor in Electricity Generation. Review of Economics and Statistics 69(3): 551-56.

John H.Y. Edwards. 1986. A Note on the Publicness of Local Goods: Evidence from New York State Municipalities. Canadian Journal of Economics 19(3): 568-73.


Research interests: public economics, public choice, economics of education, economic development, microeconomic theory