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Funded Projects

PI: Nora Lustig

Commitment to Equity Institute: Research and Policy Tools, Data Center and Advisory and Training on Social Spending and Taxation

Amount: $4,933,201

October 29, 2015 - October 31, 2020

PI: Patrick Button

Co-PIs: Phil Armour

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Effects of U.S. Disability Discrimination Laws on the Employment of the Disabled Population

National Bureau of Economic Research Disability Research Consortium (NBER DRC), via the Social Security Administration

Amount: TBD

September 30, 2015 - September 29, 2016

PI: David Neumark

Co-PIs: Ian Burn, Patrick Button, Nanneh Chehras

Do State Age Discrimination Protections Reduce Hiring Discrimination Against Older Workers? Evidence from a Field Experiment

University of Michigan Retirement Research Center (MRRC), via the Social Security Administration

Amount: $100,000

Dates: Calendar Year 2016

PI: Nora Lustig

Co-PIs: James Alm and Sean Higgins

Fiscal Incidence in Ghana and Tanzania

Gates Foundation



PI: Keith Finlay

Co-PI: Scott Cunningham

Assessing the Impact of Regulating Purchase of Pseudoephedrine on the Public Health Costs of Methamphetamine Production and Use

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation



PI: Doug Harris

Dynamic Knowledge Network on Teacher Value-Added

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching



PI: Doug Harris

Preparing for the Future: A Randomized Trial of a Promise College Scholarship for Urban Public School Students

Smith Richardson Foundation



PI: Jonathan Pritchett

Co-PI: Keith Finlay

Tulane Research Experience for Undergraduates in Applied Microeconomics and Program Evaluation (Treu-Ampe)

National Science Foundation



PIs: Eric Camburn and Doug Harris

School Leadership for Student Achievement: A Survey and Quasi-Experimental Analysis of Leadership in Florida

US Department of Education, Insitute for Education Sciences

$1.6 million


PIs: Sara Goldrick-Rab and Doug Harris

Wisconsin Scholars Longitudinal Study

Gates, Smith Richardson, Spencer, and W.T. Grant Foundations

$2.8 million (total)


PI: Marianne Page

Subcontractor: Alan Barreca

The Effects of Alcohol Policies on Fetal Health and Children's Development

National Institutes of Health