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French Placement Guidelines

Please note that failure to follow these guidelines will be considered a breach of the Academic Code of Conduct. Where you are offered to choose between two courses, feel free to refer to the course objectives and select the course based on how confident you feel about your skills. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Prof. Mignot

FREN1010 Course Objectives
FREN1020 Course Objectives
FREN2030 Course Objectives

  • you never took French before: enroll in FREN1010
  • you studied French for
    • 1 year: enroll in FREN1010
    • 2 years: enroll in FREN1010 or FREN1020
    • 3 years: enroll in FREN1020
    • 4 years: enroll in FREN1020 or FREN2030
    • 5 years or more: enroll in FREN2030 or FREN3150 or contact Prof. Mignot for placement advising or to test out of French
  • you earned credits with AP/IB/A-Levels/SAT II: contact Prof. Mignot for placement advising
  • you are a native speaker or were raised in a French-speaking environment: contact Prof. Mignot for placement advising

French Language Program Course Sequence

  1. FREN1010 Elementary French I (novice mid/A1+)
  2. FREN1020 Elementary French II (intermediate low/A2 +)
  3. FREN2030 Intermediate French (intermediate mid/B1)
  4. FREN3150 Advanced French through Media I (intermediate high/B1+)
  5. FREN3160 Advanced French through Media II (advanced low/B2)