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The foreign language requirement for Newcomb-Tulane College students is part of the core curriculum, which includes the completion of at least one foreign language class at Tulane and demonstrated competency at the 1020/1120 level in that language. The School of Liberal Arts requires competency at the 2030 level.

If you request placement in French or Spanish and your background indicates ability beyond the beginning level, you will be directed to an online placement test; there is a $15 test fee which will be charged to your Tulane accounts receivable. The Department of French and Italian will determine your placement level on the basis of the online placement information questionnaire, your high school performance, and the results, if any, of the foreign language achievement tests which you may have taken.

If you have a qualifying score on a language test (SAT II 640 or higher, AP 4 or 5, Higher Level IB 5 or above), you have demonstrated competency beyond the 2030 level and will be placed in an upper-level course.

If you are a native or fluent speaker of French and wish to fulfill your requirement in that language, you must complete and submit the online form. The Language Learning Center will then contact you with further information.

2017–2018 Online Placement

The online placement form is available for the 2017-2018 academic year for all continuing and incoming students who have a valid Tulane User ID and password. You can find the login page for the form at the following secure site:

You must provide your Tulane User ID (the part of your Tulane e-mail address before the @) and password to access the online form. If you do not know your Tulane User ID, contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 504 862-8888.

Once you have completed and submitted the form (and the online test, where specified), your placement will be determined, and you will receive notification via your Tulane e-mail address. Please allow at least two business days for the placement notification to be sent.

Note: Students who do not have Internet access or who have disabilities that prevent use of the Internet may contact the Language Learning Center office for assistance with the online process.