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Diplôme Français Professionnel / Relations Internationales:

Want to combine a major in International Relations with French? Study to work in the Foreign Service, for the UN, or be a foreign correspondent in Belgium, West Africa, or another Francophone country? Then the Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy is for you!

The Diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy (Diplôme de français professionnel Relations Internationales et Diplomatie) was established under the auspices of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Organization of La Francophonie.  It is intended for professional and students of International Relations who want to acquire the linguistics skills necessary for careers in international organizations, international journalism, and diplomacy. It provides test-preparation and certification in French for professionals and students who want to learn how to write articles, deliver presentations, and conduct negotiations in French.  

The Diploma assesses the test-taker’s level of comprehension and expression in both written and oral French.

The certification exam evaluates proficiency in French at the B1 level on the following topics:

How to lead a meeting in a Francophone organization or international institution
How to improve context-specific interactions (logistics, daily tasks, professional writing)
How to give a presentation or take part in a debate in French during an international conference

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