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The 4+1 Program in History

When are applications due?
Applicants who submit all required materials by May 1 will be given priority evaluation, however applications will continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Do I need to apply and enroll immediately following receipt of my B.A.?
No. You may apply up to two years after you have graduated from Tulane, but you must apply in the Spring prior to your intended enrollment. Admissions cannot be deferred. Be sure to stay in contact with potential faculty advisors and recommenders.

Do I need to have major in History?
No. You must, however, meet all requirements, including GPA and minimum number of 6000- or 7000-level courses.

Do I need to take the GRE?
No. The GRE is not required for the 4+1 accelerated M.A. program.

What is the minimum GPA for applicants?
Students must have a 3.33 in their History courses and must maintain this GPA throughout the 4+1 program.

How many 6000- or 7000-level History courses for applicants to the program?
Students can count up to 4 History courses taken at the 6000 or 7000 level History courses to their M.A. degree in the 4+1 program. A minimum of 3 such courses are required to apply to the program. The minimum acceptable grade for these courses is a B. Courses with a grade of less than a B cannot be counted.

Can I apply to be a part-time student?
No. The 4+1 program is for full-time students only and under normal circumstances must be completed in one year.

How many courses are required for the 4+1 M.A. program?
The M.A. degree is earned with a minimum of 30 hours of coursework. Up to 12 hours (4 courses) of applicable 6000- or 7000-level History courses taken as an undergraduate may count toward the degree leaving between 18 and 21 hours to be earned during the 4+1 year.

Is there a language requirement?
No. Students in the 4+1 program have no language requirement; however, they are free to take the Departmental language proficiency exam if they wish.

Who will be my program advisor?
Generally, your program advisor will be your primary recommender. You should choose your primary recommender accordingly and be sure that he or she understands your intention to work with him or her in this capacity.

Do I need to write an M.A. thesis for the 4+1 program?
No. You may choose the thesis option, provided you have the support of your primary recommender, but most 4+1 students elect the non-thesis option. This non-thesis option requires a comprehensive exam administered by two fauclty members.

Can I write an M.A. thesis for the 4+1 program?
Yes. If you choose this option, however, your statement of purpose must explain why you wish to pursue the thesis and what topic you intend to research. Moreover, your primary recommender must show support for this option in his or her letter of recommendation.

Does the History program offer any financial support or fellowships?
No. The 4+1 program costs one-third of normal undergraduate tuition. Like all graduate students, however, 4+1 students are eligible for the Department’s competitive conference and short-term research travel grants.

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