Service Learning & Internships

Academic Service Learning is an educational experience based upon a collaborative partnership between the university and the community. "Learning by doing" enables students to apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to meet genuine community needs. Through reflection and assessment, students gain deeper understanding of course content and the importance of civic engagement.

History Service Learning Courses

The History Department offers numerous service learning courses. There are generally at least two service learning classes offered each semester.

  • HISB 3250 - Archiving Africa
  • HISB 4250 - The Atlantic Slave Trade
  • HISE 2170 - Europe in the 19th Century
  • HISE 2330 - Modern Britain
  • HISE 3110 - History of Gardens, Parks and Green Spaces
  • HISL 1720 - Introduction to Caribbean History
  • HISL 3361 - Slave Rebellions in American Regional History
  • HISU 2610 - The Old South
  • HISU 2620 - The New South
  • HISU 2650 - US Immigration
  • HISU 2690 - African-American Slavery
  • HISU 2700 - African-American Freedom
  • HISU 3100 - New Orleans and Senegal, 1400 to Present
  • HISU 3360 - Slavery in Public History and Public Memory
  • HISU 6540 - African-American Culture
  • HISU 6630 - US Labor and Migration

Public Service Internship

Juniors and seniors with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA should explore the Public Service Internship Program. The Center for Public Service (CPS) Internship Program is a great opportunity for students to integrate academic knowledge with a professional environment in the local community. This is also a way for students to make lasting connections with New Orleans and learn in a "hands on " manner.

This program also fulfills the second part of the Public Service Graduation Requirement. CPS Interns complete 60-70 hours of work at their internship site, enroll in and complete the course HIST 4570 Internship Studies. Students enrolled in HIST 4570 are not required to attend the internship seminar SRVC 4890 but must still enroll in it once cleared by CPS Internship staff to earn service learning credit. Instead of the SRVC seminar, all History students must have a faculty advisor to supervise their internship, or when offered, enroll in the HIST 4570 Public History/Internship seminar. Assignments are at the discretion of the professor, or assigned as part of the seminar. Students should expect to write papers and complete readings as appropriate for an upper level history class. Students will receive three (3) credits at the 4000 level for fulfilling these requirements.

How to enroll in Public History/Internship Seminar (offered in alternate semesters):

  1. Enroll in HIST 4570 Public History/Internship Seminar during the registration period.
  2. Contact and/or meet with the Instructor of Record during registration to learn the internships available for the following semester.
  3. Apply to an internship and interview with the community partner. These internships are not guaranteed. The faculty of record will assist the student in making initial contacts, but the student must still apply and secure the placement based on their application. This generally involves a cv or resume, a cover letter, and an in-person interview with the organization.
  4. Once the student has secured the internship, register for SRVC 4890 via the Center for Public Service.
  5. The student will complete the internship AND take the Public History seminar, which meets regularly throughout the semester. If the student is a history major, this seminar does not fulfill the requirement for a 3rd seminar at the 3000 or 6000 level.

How to enroll in an Internship as an Independent Study (alternating semesters and Summer)

  1. Identify an academic supervising professor in the History Department that will be willing to supervise your internship. You must begin this process several weeks BEFORE the semester in which you want to take your internship. The academic supervising professor might be the student's major advisor, if they are a History major, or a professor with whom they have established rapport through classes or other activities. If a student needs help identifying a potential academic supervising professor, they can contact the History Department's Director of Undergraduate Studies for assistance.
  2. Follow the steps to apply for internship studies through the Center for Public Service. On the application, name the internship placement you and your academic supervising professor have agreed on.
  3. You will need to apply for an internship and interview with the organization.
  4. Once you have secured an internship, you will be cleared to register for class credit.
  5. You are responsible for completing your 60-70 hours with the internship organization AND completing the academic reading and writing as required by your adviser.
  6. Summer internships: For summer internships, you must identify a supervising professor no later than April 15 and get signed approval for your internship placement from the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the History Department. You will not be allowed to register for HIST 4570 in the fall after a summer internship if you have not done so.

The following organizations have been pre-approved for HIST 4570 InternshipStudies:

If students would like to intern at another placement either in New Orleans or outside of New Orleans, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.