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Faculty & Staff by Name

The faculty of the Department of History are internationally recognized scholars and teachers. They are committed to the highest caliber of research and publishing while maintaining the engagement with students and excellence in teaching for which Tulane University is justly renowned.

  • Laura Rosanne Adderley
    Associate Professor (PhD, Pennsylvania, 1996)
    Laura Rosanne Adderley specializes in the history of the African Diaspora; the Atlantic Slave Trade, black enslavement in the Americas; Caribbean history; and African-American history. Currently serves as Director of African Diaspora Studies.
    Phone: (504) 862-8631 Office: Hebert 326C Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Yigit Akin
    Assistant Professor (PhD, Ohio State, 2011)
    Yigit Akin specializes in History of the Islamic World and Modern Middle East
    Phone: 504-862-8616 Office: Hebert 215F Office Hours: By Appointment

  • James M. Boyden
    Associate Professor (Ph.D., UT Austin, 1988)
    James M. Boyden specializes in Early modern Spain; Renaissance; and court culture.
    Phone: 504-862-8613 Office: Hebert 211 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Emily Clark
    Professor (Ph.D., Tulane 1998)
    Emily Clark is the Clement Chambers Benenson Professor in American Colonial History. She specializes in early American and Atlantic world history. Her research interests include race, gender, religion and historical memory.
    Phone: 504-862-8605 Office: Hebert 215E Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Felipe Cruz
    Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2016)
    Felipe Cruz specializes in Brazilian History
    Phone: 504-862-8619 Office: Hebert 215H Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Subah Dayal
    Assistant Professor (Ph.D., UCLA, 2016)
    Subah Dayal specializes in early modern and modern South Asian history; history of European expansion in the Indian Ocean world, Persianate literary cultures and Islamicate Empires (Ottoman, Mughal, and Safavid).

  • Brian DeMare
    Associate Professor (Ph.D., UCLA, 2007)
    Brian DeMare specializes in modern Chinese history. He serves as the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
    Phone: 504-862-8607 Office: Hebert 326B Office Hours: By Appointment

  • M. Kathryn Edwards
    Assistant Professor (Ph. D., University of Toronto, 2010)
    Kathryn Edwards specializes in modern French and French colonial history. Her research interests include war and remembrance, immigration and identity, and colonial reform.
    Phone: 504-862-8609 Office: Hebert 215F Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Terrence Fitzmorris
    Adjunct Faculty (Ph.D., LSU, 1989)
    Terrance Fitzmorris specializes in the history of modern Louisiana and serves as Professor of Practice in the School of Continuing Studies.
    Phone: 504-865-5555 Office: Gibson 125

  • Guadalupe Garcia
    Associate Professor (Ph.D., UNC, Chapel Hill, 2006)
    Guadalupe Garcia specializes in Latin American colonial history with an emphasis on Cuba and the Caribbean. Her research interests include colonial cities and subjects, port cities and security spaces, and contemporary social movements and revolution. She is currently serving as the Director of Graduate Studies.
    Phone: 504-862-8539 Office: Hebert 109 Office Hours: On Leave

  • R. Blakeslee Gilpin
    Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Yale, 2009)
    R. Blakeslee Gilpin received his Ph.D. from Yale University in May 2009 and his dissertation won the 2010 C. Vann Woodward Prize from the Southern Historical Association for the best dissertation in Southern history. Gilpin's first book, John Brown Still Lives!: America's Long Reckoning With Violence, Equality, and Change, was published by UNC Press in November 2022, and was a finalist for Gilder Lehrman Center's Frederick Douglass Book prize. The book appeared in paperback in Spring 2014.
    Phone: 504-862-8611 Office: Hebert 207 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Carole Haber
    Professor (Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 1979)
    Carole Haber is the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts. She is a specialist in American medical and social history, with particular interests in aging and death in the nineteenth century. Her current research focuses on changing medical and cultural beliefs about Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia, and the medicalization of death in America at the turn of the 20th century.
    Phone: 504-865-5228 Office: Newcomb 102

  • Kenneth W. Harl
    Professor (Ph.D., Yale, 1978)
    Kenneth W. Harl specializes in Classical Greece, Rome and Byzantium.
    Phone: 504-862-8626 Office: Hebert 108 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Karissa Haugeberg
    Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Iowa, 2011)
    Karissa Haugeberg specializes in the history of American women, politics, religion and medicine.
    Phone: 504-862-8614 Office: Hebert 122 Office Hours: On Leave

  • Andy Horowitz
    Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Yale, 2014)
    Andy Horowitz specializes in modern American political, cultural, and environmental history.
    Phone: 504-862-8608 Office: Hebert 326A Office Hours: On Leave

  • Walter Isaacson
    Walter Isaacson specializes in the history of technology.
    Phone: 504-862-8602 Office: Hebert 125 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Margaret Keenan
    Affiliated Faculty (Ph.D., Tulane, 2000)
    Margaret Keenan specializes in early modern women's history. She is also Coordinator of the Murphy Institute's Center for Ethics and Public Affairs.
    Phone: 504-862-3236 Office: Tilton 108

  • Laura Kelley
    Adjunct Faculty (Ph.D, Tulane, 2004)
    Laura Kelley specializes in U.S. History.
    Phone: 504-862-8600 Office: Hebert 204 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Kris E. Lane
    Professor (Ph.D., Minnesota, 1996)
    Kris Lane is the France B. Scholes Professor of Colonial Latin American History. He specializes in the colonial history of the Andes, mining, piracy, and global trade. He serves as the Chair of the Department of History.
    Phone: 504-862-8622 Office: Hebert 209 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Jana K. Lipman
    Associate Professor (Ph.D., Yale, 2006)
    Jana Lipman is a specialist in the 20th-century U.S., especially foreign relations, social and political history, Cuba and Vietnam.
    Phone: 504-862-8618 Office: Hebert 113 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • F. Thomas Luongo
    Associate Professor (Ph.D., Notre Dame, 1998)
    F. Thomas Luongo is Eva-Lou Joffrion Edwards Newcomb Professor at Tulane and teaches medieval European history, with a specialization in medieval and Renaissance Italian history, as well as topics in pre-modern religion. He is the Director of the Honors Program.
    Phone: 504-865-5517 Office: Hebert 105 Office Hours: On Leave

  • Elisabeth McMahon
    Associate Professor (Ph.D., Indiana, 2005)
    Elisabeth McMahon specializes in East African History, with a particular focus on slavery, emancipation, identity formation, and gender among the coastal Islamic communities.
    Phone: (504) 862-8625 Office: Hebert 203 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Marline Otte
    Associate Professor (Ph.D., Toronto, 1999)
    Marline Otte is Sizeler Professor and specializes in modern European history focusing on Germany and cultural history.
    Phone: (504) 862-8621 Office: Hebert 215B Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Linda Pollock
    Professor (PhD, St. Andrews, 1982)
    Linda Pollock, the John Christie Barr Professor, is a historian of early modern England. She specializes in social history topics such as childhood, the family, religion and medicine. Her current research is on the history of emotions 1550 to 1700.
    Phone: (504) 862-8615 Office: Hebert 121 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Bruce B. Raeburn
    Adjunct Faculty (Ph.D., Tulane, 1991)
    Bruce Raeburn researches and teaches on jazz, particularly in New Orleans. He is Curator of the Hogan Jazz Archives and Assistant Dean of Libraries for Special Collections.
    Phone: (504) 865-5685 Office: Jones Hall

  • Samuel C. Ramer
    Associate Professor (Ph.D., Columbia, 1971)
    Samuel C. Ramer is a historian of modern Russia. His research and teaching are devoted to problems in Russia's political, social, and cultural history.
    Phone: (504) 862-8604 Office: Hebert 119 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Randy J. Sparks
    Randy Sparks specializes in Southern History, the Early Modern Atlantic World, and American Religious History.
    Phone: 504-862-8627 Office: Hebert 118 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Richard F. Teichgraeber
    Professor (Ph.D., Brandeis, 1978)
    Prof. Teichgraeber teaches and writes American cultural and intellectual history, specializing in the history of the American university system, the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era, and Emerson and Thoreau. From 1984 to 2009 he also served Tulane as the Director of the Murphy Institute.
    Phone: (504) 862-3237 Office: Hebert 303 Office Hours: By Appointment

  • Justin Wolfe
    Associate Professor (Ph.D., UCLA, 1999)
    Justin Wolfe is William Arceneaux Professor of Latin American History and Suzanne and Stephen Weiss Presidential Fellow. He specializes in Central America, particularly post-colonial social and cultural history. His research interests include nation-state formation, race and ethnicity, and the African Diaspora.
    Phone: (504) 862-8630 Office: Hebert 205 Office Hours: Click here to make an appointment

History Department Administration

Department Chair

Kris E. Lane
Phone: 504-862-8622
Office: Hebert 209 Office Hours: By Appointment

Director of Undergraduate Study

Jana K. Lipman
Phone: 504-862-8618
Office: Hebert 113 Office Hours: By Appointment

Director of Graduate Study

Guadalupe Garcia
Phone: (504) 862-8539
Office: Hebert 109 Office Hours: By Appointment

Executive Secretary

Donna Denneen
Phone: 504-865-5588
Office: Hebert 125C Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Administrative Secretary

Susan McCann
Phone: 504-865-5162
Office: Hebert 115 Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM