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Graduate Placement and Dissertations

Graduate Student Placement Since 2000

  • 2019,  Derek Duplessie, Visiting Instructor, Clemson University Department of Political Science (Previous, 2018: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard University Department of Government)
  • 2019, Daniel Tigard, Postdoctoral Fellow in the HumTec Center at RWTH Aachen University (Germany).
  • 2019, Alexander Shaeffer, Teacher, Great Hearts Academy-Northern Oaks, San Antonio, TX.
  • 2019, Gwenda-lin Grewal, Blegen Research Fellow, Vassar College (Previous, 2012: University of Dallas, Dept. of Classics; 2018, Visiting Assistant Professor, Vassar College)
  • 2019, Alexandre Priou, Instructor, Herbst Program in the Humanities, University of Colorado at Boulder (Previous, 2016: Visiting Assitant Professor, Kutztown University; 2014: Visiting Professor, Sarah Lawrence College)
  • 2019, Michael Madary, Assisant Professor, University of the Pacific (Previous, 2018, Visiting Assisant Professor, Tulane University; 2010: Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-Embodiment (VERE), Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz)
  • 2018, Seth Appelbaum, St. John's College in Santa Fe (tenure track).
  • 2018, Travis Mulroy, Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Xavier University, Cincinnati.
  • 2018, Mary Townsend, Assistant Professor, St. John's University, Queens, NY (Previous, 2016: Visiting Assistant Professor, Loyola University, New Orleans)
  • 2018, Nate Stout, Postdoctoral Fellow, Tulane University School of Medicine Program for Medical Ethics and Human Values.
  • 2018, Charlie Gustafson-Barrett, Visiting Faculty, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 2016, Paul Wilford, Assistant Professor, Boston College Department of Political Science
  • 2016, Sam Stoner, Assistant Professor, Assumption College (Previous, 2014: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Western Heritage and Philosophy, Carthage College)
  • 2016, Shane Courtland, Director of the Center for Free Enterprise, West Virginia University (Previous, 2009: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, Merrimack College)
  • 2016, Tom Mulligan, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Economic and Ethics, Georgetown University School of Business (Previous, 2015: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Political Theory Project, Brown University)
  • 2015, Gilberto Vargas-Gonzalez, Assistant Professor, Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
  • 2015, Christopher (Todd) Meredith, Assistant Professor, Southwest Tennessee Community College
  • 2015, Seth Appelbaum, Visiting Assistant Professor, Bellarmine College Philosophy Department
  • 2015, Lamont Rodgers, Full-time Instructor of Philosophy, Houston Community College
  • 2015, Andrea Houchard, Assistant Professor of Practice, Northern Arizona University
  • 2013, Joshua Lott, Visiting Assistant Professor, Loyola University, New Orleans
  • 2011: Shawn Welnak - Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, C. W. Post College
  • 2011: Jonny Anomaly - Visiting Assistant Professor, UNC Chapel Hill (renewed regularly)
  • 2009: Bill Glod - Philosophy Program Officer, Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason University
  • 2007: Drew Chastain - Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, Xavier Univ., N.O.
  • 2006: Julinna Oxley - Assistant Professor, Coastal Carolina University (tenure-track)
  • 2005: Paul Haught - Associate Professor and Dean of Rose School of Arts, Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN
  • 2004: Matthew Oberrieder - Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Villanova University
  • 2003: Andrew Pavelich - University of Houston
  • 2002: Jason Tipton - St. John's College, Annapolis
  • 2002: Desheng Zong - Utica College
  • 2000: Michael Golluber - St. John's College, Santa Fe


Recent Dissertations

Christopher Boom

"Rules, Rights, and the Rule of Law"

Eric Mack

Daniel Tigard

"The Nature and Value of Moral Distress in Medical Practice"

Dave Shoemaker

Alexander Shaeffer

"Socratic Philosophy and the Aporia of Virtue: A Commentary on Plato's Meno"

Ronna Burger

Alex Limanowski

"Beyond Epicurus: A reading of Lucretius' De Rerum Natura"

Ronna Burger

Nathan Biebel

"The Justification Thesis: A Theory of Culpable Ignorance"

Dave Shoemaker

Jesse Hill

"On the Nature of Luck"

Dave Shoemaker

Derek Duplessie

"Cross-Examining Aristophanes: Plato's Defense of Socrates"

Ronna Burger

Charlie Gustafson-Barrett

"The Idiot Soul of Wit: On the Genius of Hamlet and Ion"

Ronna Burger

Nathan Stout

"Moral Agency and Responsibility: Lessons from Autism Spectrum Disorder"

Dave Shoemaker

Travis Mulroy

"Delusions of Grandeur: The Interpretation of Plato's Hippias Major"

Ronna Burger

Daniel Davenport

"On the Good of Justice in Plato's Republic"

Ronna Burger

Mary Townsend

"Plato's Republic V: The Problem of Women and Philosophy"

Ronna Burger

Seth Appelbaum

"Divine Law in Plato and Maimonides"

Ronna Burger

Tom Mulligan

"The Just and Meritocratic State"

Eric Mack

Sam Stoner

"On Kant's Philosophical Authorship"

Richard Velkley

Shane Gassaway

"Socrates the Citizen Philosopher in Plato and in Xenophon"

Ronna Burger

Andrea Houchard

"A Place for Public Philosophy: Reviving a Practice"

Eric Mack

Alexandre Priou

"The Genesis of Political Philosophy: On Plato's Parmenides"

Ronna Burger

Gilberto Vargas-Gonzalez

"On Philosophical Counseling as a Philosophical Caretaking Practice"

Ronna Burger

Lamont Rodgers

"Self-Ownership an Historical Entitlement: An Examination of G.A. Cohen's Critique"

Eric Mack

Christopher Meredith

"Global Kleptocracy and the Sovereign State: an Anti-Statist Response to Thomas Pogge on the Injustice of the Present World Order"

Eric Mack

Jean-Paul Orgeron

“Language, Perception, and Space”

Radu Bogdan

Michael Falgoust

“Freeing the Culture, Freeing the Self: An Intellectual Property Rights Argument”

Bruce Brower

Joshua Lott

"The Rationality of Teleology: Purposiveness and the Concept of the Human in Kant, Rousseau, and Hume"

Richard Velkley

Shawn Welnak

"Philosophy and The Cave of Opinion: The Graeco-Arabic Tradition"

Ronna Burger

Jennifer Beers

"Socrates Confronts Aristophanes in Plato's Symposium"

Ronna Burger

Gwenda-lin Grewal

"On Plato's Euthydemus"

Ronna Burger

Hans Gruenig

"Heidegger, Death, and Personal Transformation"

Michael Zimmerman

Shane Courtland

"Hobbesian Public Reason"

Eric Mack

William Glod

"Liberalism's Case against Legal Paternalism"

Eric Mack

Quian (Sophy) Wang

"John Rawls on Human Rights"

Bruce Brower

Michael Madary

"The Perspectival Content of Perception"

Radu Bogdan

Julinna Oxley

"A Theory of Benevolence"

Jerry Gaus

Jonny Anomaly

"An Internalist Theory of Practical Reason"

Jerry Gaus

Matthew Oberrieder

"The Significance of Socrates' Quotations of Homer in Plato's Protagoras"

Ronna Burger

Drew Chastain

"Interpreting Metaphor"

Graeme Forbes