The 4+1 Masters Degree Program

The Department offers a program of study that allows Tulane undergraduates who graduate with a major in philosophy to receive an MA in Philosophy after one additional year. The program is intended primarily for students who are eager to continue their study of philosophy, yet either do not feel ready to apply for admission into a PhD program, or have no interest in doing so. The 4+1 program MA program helps students develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of both contemporary issues in philosophy as well as the history of philosophy, and to prepare to seek admission into a competitive PhD program. It is also useful for students who have a strong interest in philosophy, but are unsure about whether they would like to commit to pursuing a PhD.

The philosophy department at Tulane offers a wide variety of courses, and is especially attractive for students wishing to pursue research in ethics, political philosophy, the history of philosophy, and philosophy of mind. For information about our faculty members, please see our faculty page.

The 4 + 1 MA program is independent of the PhD program. Subsequent admission to the PhD program requires application through the normal channels.

Requirements for Application

  • The B.A. from Tulane with a Major in Philosophy.
  • A Philosophy G.P.A. of 3.0 or more.

Requirements for Completion

The 4+1 M.A. degree will be awarded to students who obtain either of the following:

  • Passing grades in 30 credit hours of graduate level courses (i.e., 6000-level and 7000-level).
  • Passing grades in 24 credit hours of graduate level courses and a Master's thesis.

The first option will be encouraged in most cases.

In order to satisfy either of these options, it will be necessary to carry over a number of courses from the undergraduate degree.

The requirements for the Philosophy Major in the B.A. degree include two courses at the 6000-level. ONE AND ONLY ONE of those courses can count toward the 4+1 M.A. requirements. However, any additional 6000-level or 7000-level courses that have been taken for the undergraduate degree may be transferred (UP TO A MAXIMUM OF 12 CREDIT HOURS).

Further details and information about the application process may be obtained from the Director of Graduate Studies, Caroline Arruda.