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Mark Gasiorowski Professor Department of Political Science Tulane University

Mark Gasiorowski

Emeritus Professor


Mark Gasiorowski retired from Tulane’s Department of Political Science in January 2021. His scholarly activity has focused primarily on Iran and US-Iran relations.  He has published numerous books and articles on these and other topics and has served frequently as a consultant and media commentator on Iran.  He has traveled extensively in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa.  He was a visiting professor at Tehran University in 1994, 1996, and 1998 and a Visiting Fellow at the Middle East Centre, St. Antony’s College, Oxford University in 2001-2002.   In his spare time he enjoys traveling, hiking, sculpture, and vampire movies.



"The US Stay-Behind Operation in Iran, 1948-1953"

"US Perceptions of the Communist Threat in Iran During the Mossadegh Era"

“US Intelligence Assistance to Iran, May – October 1979”

“US Covert Operations toward Iran, February-November 1979: Was the CIA Trying to Overthrow the Islamic Regime?”

“The Qarani Affair and Iranian Politics”

“The CIA’s TPBEDAMN Operation and the 1953 Coup in Iran”

“The Nuzhih Plot and Iranian Politics”

“The 1953 Coup d’État Against Mosaddeq”

“The Stuctural Determinants of Democratic Consolidation”

“The Macroeconomic Consequences of Democratic Transition: Learning Processes in the Third and Fourth Waves of Democratization”

“Democracy and Macroeconomic Performance in Underdeveloped Countries”

“Economic Crisis and Political Regime Change: An Event History Analysis”