A number of recent studies have found Political Science majors to have strong earning potential compared to other Liberal Arts degrees.  Tulane alumni who majored in Political Science have found themselves working in law, government, business, journalism, education, non-profit, international, and many other professional fields.  However, to best prepare for any career, a student should start to focus during his or her undergraduate years.  While what you learn in class is central to your time at Tulane, many other resources are available to help you prepare for what happens after graduation.   

Career Resources

Tulane Liberal Arts Career Services offers a wide range of career services that can assist anyone from the freshman to the recent alumni in achieving their career goals.  Undergraduates should take time to become familiar with the Four-Year Development Plan; this plan highlights basic steps students can take each year towards their career goals. Career services also provides guides and assistance for resumes, cover letters, interviews, and networking.

Departmental Resources

When a student declares a Political Science major, he or she will be assigned a regular faculty member as a departmental advisor.  This advisor is a good source of information and mentorship. Developing a relationship with your advisor will allow them to give you personalized advice and perhaps write you a recommendation letter.

Follow instructions on the Undergraduate Advising web page to declare your major.

Information about internships in the field of Political Science can be found on our Internship Opportunities web page.

Considering Your Own Interests and Skills

When deciding upon a career path, it is important to consider your own interests and skills.  While for some a law degree is the right choice, others might prefer organizing campaigns, working in government or business, or perhaps even pursuing an academic career.  While the first few years of college should be spent exploring interests, having a clear goal for the last year or two will allow you to best focus on attaining that goal.