Internship Opportunities

Getting Academic Credit for Internships

The Political Science Department grants academic credit for internships through the Center for Public Service Internship Program. Through this program, students earn 3 political science credits and complete their second tier public service graduation requirement.

Program Requirements and Information

  1. Students must apply to the internship program prior to the start of their internship. (See “Application Process” below.) You may not receive credit for a internship retroactively.
  2. Students may receive political science credit for one internship only. The internship course receives a letter grade, and it will count as elective credits towards your political science major. The internship course is listed as POLS 4560, but please note that this will not count as one of the three 4000 level courses required for the political science major.
  3. The Public Service Internship Program is open to political science majors with a minimum 3.0 GPA who have fulfilled their first tier public service graduation requirement.
  4. Interns are required to complete 60 hours of unpaid service at an approved site. Most students average between 5-7 hours of work per week at their internship sites.
  5. Students must attend a weekly academic seminar concurrently with their internship and create a final project that adds benefit to the community partner organization
  6. Internships may be completed during the regular academic year or during the summer. If internships are done during the summer, the academic seminar will be done online. Summer internship credits will be posted on student’s fall schedule.

Approved Internships

Students are welcome to find internship opportunities on their own, subject to the approval of the Center for Public Service. The Center for Public Service also maintains a list of pre-approved local internship sites. You may browse possible internship opportunities on the Tulane Center for Public Service website. Additional resources for internships may also be found below in the "Finding Internships" section.

In order to be approved for public service credits, internships must promote the public good and make a positive impact on the community. Political science-related internships, by virtue of the fact that they are often based in the public or non-profit sectors, are almost invariably considered public service.

Application Process

Please visit the Center for Public Service website to learn more about program requirements and the application process. Generally, applications for spring internship are due in early December, summer interns must apply by April, and fall interns by early August. Exact program application deadlines may be found here.

Non-Public Service/Political Science Internship Credits

If you are ineligible for the public service internship program, a one-credit internship, INTR 1990, is available to students who are seeking opportunities with organizations that require interns to receive credit for their experience. INTR 1990 credit applies toward the degree but these credits do not count towards the political science major. This course is offered only on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis and counts within the credit limit for S/U courses. It may be taken more than once but will count as credit toward the degree only once. Before registering, students must apply for this internship course with Adam McKeown.

Finding An Internship

Here you will find a list of campus resources and searchable databases to help you locate an internship. Feel free to browse any of the databases or sites below, and remember, most internships are never posted. You should visit websites or directly contact a company or organization of interest to inquire about opportunities.

Tulane Databases

The Center for Public Service maintains a database for local, pre-approved public service. If you are interested in interning in New Orleans and receiving academic credit for your internship, you should start your internship search here.

The Liberal Arts Career Services Center maintains a database of internships geared towards liberal arts majors.

Hankshake is a database that allows you to search for internships and jobs posted by companies and organizations that want to recruit Tulane students. Be sure to check “internship” to refine your search.

Tulane Connect is a social networking platform where you can connect with Tulane Alums to learn more about industries, and expand your professional network.

Non-Tulane Databases

General Internship Databases

University Career Action Network (UCAN) is on of the most comprehensive internship databases created for a select group of universities, including Tulane University.

Indeed searches organizations’ websites for internship listings. Narrow your search by including interests or skills, be sure to include “internship” as a key word.

The Vault allows users to easily search by region and industry, or browse their extensive listings and categories.

Glassdoor is database that allows you to search internships and see feedback and reviews from people who have worked there.

Non-Profit Internships

Idealist is an excellent resource for internship opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

Association of Fundraising Professionals offers a database of jobs and internships in the nonprofit sector focused on development and funding.

Government Internships

CampusGov has a database and resources that connect students with entry-level opportunities at the federal, state, and local level. is the official job and internship list for the US government. Click “Students and Recent Grads” then “Find Internships” or refine your search by using key words such as “internship”.

Local Government Sites This site provides you with links to all of the individual state websites. Once on your selected state’s website you can search for internships. is a comprehensive database with easily customizable searches the let you find the right internship through thousands of options.

International Internships

US Department of State offers unpaid internship opportunities in both Washington, DC and abroad to students who are interested in Foreign Service and Civil Service. NOTE: The application deadline for summer internships is in mid-October, so apply early!

United Nations offers unpaid internships to seniors and recent graduates

Going Global has massive research tool that contains more than 10,000 resources for finding internships and jobs in the US and abroad.

Transition Abroad One stop shop for international internships, travel, work, and volunteer opportunities.

Funding Your Internship

Most internships done for credit in the political science department are unpaid. However, there are a few entities on campus that offer competitive grants for students undertaking unpaid internships.

Newcomb Tulane College (NTC)

Newcomb Tulane College offers an extensive list of grants to support internships, travel, research, and scholarship. These opportunities are open to all undergraduate students in Newcomb-Tulane College.

Newcomb College Institute (NCI)

The Newcomb College Institute Internship Program offers grants of up to $2000 to support undergraduate women to experiential learning opportunities that focus on women or gender. This NCI webpage contains all the details about the Summer Internship Program funding.


The Taylor Center offers internship support for Tulane students interested in pursuing careers related to social innovation, social entrepreneurship, design thinking and change-making.

Other Resources for Professional Development

Diplomat in Residence

Tulane is lucky to have on campus Diplomat in Residence J. Nathan Bland. Diplomats in Residence are career Foreign Service Officers assigned to a select group of U.S. universities who provide guidance and advice on careers, internships and fellowships to students and professionals in the communities where they serve..

Liberal Arts Career Service Center

The Career Services Center offers multiple services for helping students identify professional interests and locate internships that match those interests. Tulane Career Center also has a list of premium online servics resources where you can start your internship or job search. If you need help getting started with your internship search, resume, cover letter, networking strategies, interview techniques, etc. you should make an appointment with a Career Coach

Career Development Courses: CRDV 1090 (Not just for business students!!)

Tulane offers one credit career development courses to assist students through all phases of their college-to-career experience. CRDV 1090 is tailored to student needs dependent on year:

  1. FRESHMEN exploring majors & career paths
  2. SOPHOMORES & JUNIORS applying for summer internship opportunities
  3. SENIORS searching for post-graduation jobs & careers

For more information, please contact:

  1. Dr. Christina Kiel 
    Senior Professor of Practice 
    Departmental Internship Coordinator 
    121B Norman Mayer Building 
    (504) 865-5248
    1. Center for Public Service, Internships and International Experiences (I&IE)