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Undergraduate Program

Mission Statement

The educational mission of the undergraduate program in Sociology relies on our commitment to the principles of a liberal education and intellectual pluralism in our teaching and scholarship. Our central educational mission is to help students develop a sociological perspective and use a variety of sociological theories, concepts, and methods in the systematic study of human societies. Our curriculum promotes the acquisition of concrete, transferable skills that are relevant to civic engagement and a broad range of rewarding careers.

These skills enhance a student’s capacity to:

  • understand new and unfamiliar social situations;
  • apply sociological concepts to everyday life;
  • think critically about the nature of social order and human agency within any given society, social institution, organization, or social group;
  • use qualitative and quantitative techniques to analyze a wide range of social phenomena; and
  • communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, about social issues and sociological research.

For information on transfer credit approval or the undergraduate major, please contact Dr. Patrick Rafail, Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies.