Why Major in Sociology?

The Sociological Advantage

A bachelor’s degree in sociology offers outstanding career opportunities for Tulane graduates. Sociologists have a competitive advantage in today's job market because of their skills in research design, data management, qualitative & quantitative analysis, and critical thinking. These assets are applicable to a wide range of occupations.

Sociological skills are in high demand in business, community organizations, education, government, health, law & justice, social services, and many other organizations that conduct social research, policy analysis, and program evaluations. As a result, sociologists work in a variety of professional arenas, including positions of civic engagement and leadership at local, national, and international levels.

The job market for sociologists is flexible and unlimited. Potential employers value the knowledge and skills associated with a sociology degree, even if they don’t list their jobs under the heading of “sociologists.” That’s another advantage: sociologists are not locked into a single career path! Your special interests, skills, and experiences will shape your options, choices, and personal career path.

A bachelor’s degree in sociology also provides an excellent background for students planning to pursue an advanced degree in business, education, law, medicine, public health, social work, or other social science fields.

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