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On Wednesday, April 18 the Goldman Center for Student Accessibility presented Professor Toni Weiss with the inaugural 2018 Accessibility Ally Faculty Award during the annual New Student and Leadership Programs Crest Awards ceremony. The Goldman Accessibility Ally Award recognizes members of our community who share the vision that all Tulane students should experience an accessible, inclusive, and unrestricted academic experience. This award is presented to one student, one faculty member, and one staff member whose actions contribute to furthering our mission, “to recognize that a community rich in diversity acknowledges that great minds think differently.”

Professor Weiss is endlessly supportive of all students and, in particular, those receiving accommodations through the Goldman Center. Every semester, with hundreds of students in her classes, Professor Weiss ensures that all students have equal access to course materials and the learning environment. Her commitment to accessibility extends beyond her own classroom, as her diligent leadership in CELT has provided countless faculty members with workshops and programming committed to continuously developing Tulane’s academic community. Professor Weiss is an example to all faculty, and we are so thankful that she remains committed to providing equal access to all students, while upholding the integrity and rigor of a premier Tulane education.