John Edwards Associate Professor Department of Economics Tulane University

John Edwards

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
300 Tilton Memorial Hall


  • Public economics
  • Public choice
  • Economics of education
  • Economic development
  • Microeconomic theory


Selected Publications

John H.Y. Edwards with Stefano Barbieri. 2017. Middle Class Flight from Post-Katrina New Orleans: A Theoretical Analysis of Inequality and Schooling. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 64, 12-29.

John H.Y. Edwards. 2015. The Structure of Disaster Resiliance: A Framework for Simulations and Policy Recommendations. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. 15, 827-841.

John H.Y. Edwards with Christian Langpap. 2012. Fuel Choice, Indoor Air Pollution and Children's Health. Environment and Development Economics. 17, 379-406.

John H.Y. Edwards and Christian Langpap. 2005. Startup Costs and the Decision to Switch from Firewood to Gas Fuel. Land Economics 81(4):570-86.

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Arjun Singh Bedia and John H.Y. Edwards. 2002. The Impact of School Quality on Earnings and Educational Returns-Evidence from a Low-Income Country. Journal of Development Economics 68(1): 157-85.

John H.Y. Edwards. 1997. Political Capacity and Economic Frontier. In Marina Arbetman, Jacek Kugler, editors, Political Capacity and Economic Behavior Boulder, CO: Westview Press, pp. 269-82.

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John H.Y. Edwards. 1990. Congestion Function Specification and the "Publicness" of Local Public Goods. Journal of Urban Economics 27(1): 80-96.

Roger R. Retancourt and John H.Y. Edwards. 1987. Economies of Scale and the Load Factor in Electricity Generation. Review of Economics and Statistics 69(3): 551-56.

John H.Y. Edwards. 1986. A Note on the Publicness of Local Goods: Evidence from New York State Municipalities. Canadian Journal of Economics 19(3): 568-73.