Where alumni are now

The Department of Economics has more than 800 alumni scattered throughout the United States and the world over the past ten years. We have an excellent record for job placement for undergraduates. In addition to attending top graduate and professional schools, Tulane’s economics undergraduates have taken positions in a wide range of fields, including banks, consulting firms, tech companies, corporate positions, government offices, as well as non-profit roles. Some of our graduates continue their post-graduate studies in other academic institutions and are currently holding teaching positions at places including Northwestern University, University of Michigan, and University of Houston, among others.

The word cloud below displays the self-reported student placements during 2011 – 2021. If you are a Tulane Economics graduate and want to add your company to the list, email our program coordinator, Erin Callhover.

Econ Graduates Word Cloud

Data source: Office of Alumni Relations, Tulane University