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1. Can I request placement in more than one language?

Yes. You can request placement in as many languages as you would like to study at Tulane. There is no limit, however, you must receive placement before you can register for a language course.

2. What is the online language placement form?

The online language placement form is simply a questionnaire that asks students which languages they would like to take at Tulane. You must receive a placement in a language in order to register for a language course.

2. What is the Avant placement test?

The Avant placement test is an online assessment of your current ability in either Spanish or Chinese. If you request placement in Spanish or Chinese and indicate that you have some previous background in the language, you will be sent an email with directions on taking the Avant placement test to determine the appropriate level course for study. All students requesting placement in Spanish or Chinese with background in the language MUST complete the Avant placement test to receive placement.

3. What is the difference between the Avant placement test and the proficiency test?

The Avant placement test assesses a student’s ability in a foreign language. It is used by Tulane to determine the most appropriate level course for a student. The Avant placement test is an online test and can be taken anywhere at any time. It is not considered a proficiency test, and, therefore, the result of the Avant placement test cannot be used to exempt a student from the foreign language requirement. If your score on the Avant placement test indicates that you have ability above the 2030 level, you will be sent an email with information about the proficiency test. The proficiency test is administered once or twice a year on campus by the respective foreign language department. Passing the proficiency test results in a student satisfying the 2018-on Newcomb-Tulane College Core Curriculum foreign language proficiency requirement by receiving credit by exam; Students who pass the proficiency exam will be granted four hours of credit by exam for the corresponding 2030 course of the language in which they tested. Credit by exam hours count towards the completion of a student's degree, however, they do not affect a student's GPA as there is no grade attached to the credit hours. If a student does not pass the proficiency test, he or she will be issued placement in 2030 and must achieve a passing grade in that course (or another 2030 level language course) to satisfy the foreign language requirement.

4. If I qualify for the proficiency test, do I have to take it?

No. If you receive an email notifying you that you are eligible to sit for the proficiency test, you have the choice whether or not you want to sit for the test. However, please note, if you choose not to take the proficiency test, you will be issued placement at the level indicated by your online placement form and/or the Avant placement test. This means that you may be placed above the 2030 level and will need to achieve a passing grade in the course in which you were placed. For example, if you are issued placement in Spanish 2040, decide not to take the proficiency test, your placement in Spanish 2040 will hold. You would then need to achieve a passing grade in Spanish 2040 in order to satisfy the foreign language proficiency requirement.

5. What kind of test is the proficiency test?

The proficiency test differs by language because each language department is responsible for creating and administrating the test. In general, the test should last between 60 and 90 minutes and will include reading, writing, listening, and possibly speaking sections. The cost of the proficiency test is $35. Some tests are taken on paper and some are done via computer. If you need to request special accommodations for the test, please contact the Language Learning Center.

6. What do I do if I have qualifying scores on either an AP/IB/SAT II test?

You still need to fill out the online placement form where you can indicate that you have taken one of the qualifying tests and have obtained a qualifying score. You will need to submit proof of your score to the admissions department. You can also indicate that you are requesting an exemption. 

7. What if I haven’t received my AP/IB scores yet?

You should still fill out the online placement form and proceed with the process. You may need to wait until you receive your official scores in July before making your final decisions about language placement, but we encourage you to start the placement process.