LLC is actively working to build a diverse and inclusive school community by offering resources that support all students and faculty.

Language Students

Language Ambassadors

Be a Language Ambassador....Share your passion for languages and inspire generation of language students across different fields of study now and in the future.

The purpose of the LLC Language Ambassador program is to promote foreign language learning across all academic disciplines at Tulane and beyond. The program will provide opportunities for students to creatively promote the values of global citizenship and help themselves and their peers be culturally sensitive citizens in their educational, professional life and contribute to diverse communities' wellbeing here and abroad.

LAs Selection Criteria

Language Ambassadors are selected by their language program directors with recommendations made by their language professors.


  • It is a volunteer position.
  • LAs will serve one academic semester.
  • LAs will be required to submit a portfolio that highlights your work.
  • LAs must attend a training meeting to discuss their role in depth.
  • LAs will participate/volunteer in LLC activities and events.

What you will gain from this experience?

  • Collaboration and mentoring to foster prosperity and wellbeing
  • Community and global social Change and awareness
  • Participation and invitations to events that promote, recognize, and honor world languages at Tulane.


Students interested in becoming Language Ambassadors please contact your professors and ask them to recommend you to the language program director. Please write a one paragraph in English describing why you want to be a Language Ambassador and what you hope to gain from this experience. Language program directors will submit their students' names and paragraphs to the Assistant Director of Language Education at

Language Tutoring

Need some help with your language class? Language tutoring is offered through Academic Learning & Tutoring Center (ALTC) during fall and spring semesters. Free tutoring is available to all Tulane undergraduate students in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portugues, Russian, and Spanish.

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Language Meetups

Language Meetups allow students to practice your skills in an informal setting. Language students can improve interpersonal and intercultural skills and expand their network. We encourage students who are interested in enrolling in one of our languages at Tulane to contact the administrator of the language Meetup and ask to join a session to check it out.

Language Date, Time & Location Contact Information
Arabic—Al Nadi Al Arabi Wednesdays: 6pm to 7pm
NH room 403
Amna Malik, President
Khedidja Boudaba, Moderator
Chinese—Du-Lang-Han-Yu-Chiao Monthly at LBC Mezzanine Nina Demare, President
French— Pause-café Thursdays: 6pm PJ's on Willow St. Charles Mignot, President
German—Stammtisch Fridays at 4pm Lily Cunis, President
Haitian Creole—    
Indigenous Languages— Language Group Tables Monthly Meetups on Zoom

Co-sponsored by the University of Kansas
-Kaqchikel Language Group:
Oamoloj, qawinaq, qach'ab'äl
Our group, our people, our language
Hailey Tobman

-Tunica Language Group Kuhpani Luhchi Yoroni Arjun Yusufji

Italian— Tavolo Italiano Tuesdays: 3:15 PJs on Willow St. Roberto Nicosia, President
Japanese—Kaiwa Biweekly
Mondays: 4pm
NH 202
Mika Stambler, President
Jacob Tepper, Vice President
Vesna Kesic, Secretary
Portuguese—TUdo bem! Fridays at Jones Hall Patio Megwen Loveless, Advisor
Russian— PRIVET   Dominic LaPata, President
Julie Klingenstein, Treasurer
Lidia Zhigunova, Advisor
Spanish— terTUlia Wednesdays 2-5pm at TU Language Learning Center
Newcomb 408
Megwen Loveless, Advisor

Language Internships

Internships offer students the chance to gain practical experience using language and the chance to improve their cultural competency. Internships also provide opportunities for students to gain foundational knowledge to evaluate their long-term career goals. The following are some organizations’ websites to guide you in your search for a language related internship:

Language Faculty

Professional Development

The CENTER supports language faculty by hosting and sponsoring professional development workshops, lectures, and events for language faculty to inspire innovative pedagogical practices to enhance students' language learning experience at Tulane University.


Tulane Funding Opportunities

  • Funding Opportunities through The Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT)
  • Stoll Grant: The Friedrich Stoll Endowed Scholars Fund supports projects related to language pedagogy at Tulane University. Such projects may include but are not limited to, travel, purchase of equipment or licenses, and development of pedagogical tools or interventions. Preference is given to French, German, and classical languages, but all are encouraged to apply. Adjunct faculty and graduate instructors are also encouraged to apply.

Learn more and submit your proposal online.

External Funding Opportunities


Tulane libraries enables students and faculty to supplement their classroom language learning material with wide variety of resources. The libraries' collection of resources contains a large number of books, films, documentaries, course videos and audio recordings in a wide range of languages.

  • Howard Tilton Memorial Library Media Services
    Tulane University Library offers media reserves and streaming video through various platforms.
  • Lending Library
    Stone Center for Latin American studies offers comprehensive lending collection of educational materials about Latin American topics for classroom use. You can browse the Lending Library Collection.
  • The LLC Film Collection
    The Language Learning Center offers a variety of films and equipment to support language teaching and learning. Please view the LLC Catalog and contact the LLC with requests.