Melinda Nelson-Hurst, Department of Anthropology

Melinda Nelson-Hurst

Research Associate


Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania


Professor Nelson-Hurst received her Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, with a specialization in Egyptology, from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011. Her research interests lie in the social history and archaeology of ancient Egypt, especially during the Middle Kingdom. In particular, Dr. Nelson-Hurst's research has focused on families and their influence within the state administration, office acquisition, inheritance, and family members' obligations to deceased relatives. Since starting a new research project on the Egyptian Collection at Tulane University in 2012, her interests have expanded into the areas of Theban burials of the Third Intermediate Period and the modern history of Anthropology, Egyptology, and Egyptian collections. She has published articles and presented papers at international conferences on all of the above topics and is currently researching the administrative and economic roles of women in elite households during the Middle Kingdom of ancient Egypt. Professor Nelson-Hurst teaches courses on the archaeology, history, religion, and language and writing of ancient Egypt.

Selected Publications

Nelson-Hurst, Melinda G.

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Nelson-Hurst, Melinda G.

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Nelson-Hurst, Melinda G.

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Nelson-Hurst, Melinda G. and John W. Verano

  • 2015 The Tulane University Egyptian Collection: Reconstructing Lost Context – Phase 1. In A. Amenta, C. Greco, H. Guichard, (eds.), Proceedings of the First Vatican Coffin Conference. Musei Vaticani (forthcoming in summer 2015).


Nelson-Hurst, Melinda G.

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Nelson-Hurst, Melinda G.

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