Celeste Lam, Tulane University

Celeste Lam

Graduate Student


Celeste, a first-year biological anthropology PhD student working with Dr. Katharine Jack, holds a B.Sc. in Psychology (2019) and an MA in Anthropology (2022) from UNC Charlotte. During her undergraduate years, she interned at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, gaining valuable experience with the behavioral management team, and participated in the Maderas Rainforest Conservancy field school in Costa Rica. Additionally, Celeste had taken on the role of an adjunct lecturer in the anthropology department at UNC Charlotte, teaching Introduction to Anthropology and Primate Behavioral Ecology. She is also in the process of coauthoring two articles: one exploring experiential learning in primatology and the other investigating gibbon urinary oxytocin levels. Her research interests encompass cross-species conflict, community ecology, and the impact of anthropogenic food on wild primate populations, particularly in relation to behaviors, health, and physiology.